King Davids Three Mighty Warriors

Three of Davids Captains James, Jewish Museum New York USA – James Tissot

The scriptures are full of great stories. Some of them are not as lengthy as others but still worthy of our admiration. Whoever happened to be looking after your Christian upbringing probably told you the more popular mainstream stories of the Bible. King David and Goliath, Noah, Moses and the red sea are all famous ones that remain forever lodged in our memory from childhood.

But what about the ones we rarely get wind of? In this post I’d like to take you through a story that my son repeatedly asks me to tell him. It’s the short story of King Davids Three Mighty Warriors. I will demonstrate how we can still look up to these men of valor in our day, and how their actions relate to our daily living.

These are the names of David’s champions: Ishbaal the Hachmonite, leader of the three; it was he who wielded his battle-ax against eight hundred whom he killed at one time. After him there was Eleazar son of Dodo, the Ahohite, one of the three champions. He was with David at Pas-dammim when the Phil¬≠istines mustered for battle there and the men of Israel retreated before them. But he stood his ground and struck down the Philistines until his hand was so numb that it stuck to the sword. Yahweh brought about a great victory that day, and though the army rallied behind Eleazar it was only to plunder. After him there was Shamma son of Elah, the Hararite. The Philistines had mustered at Lehi. There was a field full of lentils there; the army took flight before the Philistines, but he positioned himself in the middle of the field, defended it, and struck down the Philistines. So Yahweh brought about a great victory.

2 Samuel: 23:8-12

Ishbaal the Hachmonite leader of the three is a name that means: Thou will make me wise

Eleazar son of Dodo, the Ahohite means: God has helped. And Son of Dodo meaning brother of rest

Shammah son of Elah, the Hararite (there doesn’t seem to be a meaning for his name given).

These three warriors were considered to be the special forces of King Davids era. They were the ones who had earned their place beside the King as his personal bodyguards. They were so loyal to the King that they readily gave their lives for him.

In the retelling of the story it’s important to offer your kids a backdrop of it first to develop excitement. Today when watching movies we are often given teasers or trailers to get us excited about the movie. It offers us highlighted clips that give us an overall idea of what to expect. We should endeavor to do the same with our children when presenting them stories from the Bible.

Even though this story is short that is not a disadvantage here as children have short attention spans. We can then draw it out a bit more with a bit of acting to spice up the story a little. If you have props even better. I’ve got an enormous sword that is an exact replica of the sword of the Last Grand Master of the Knights Templar from the Island of Rhodes. It’s such a great copy that you wouldn’t know if you placed it next to the genuine one in the Museum.

I might tell them it’s raining, cold and the warriors are up to their knees in mud. A dark cloud hangs in the sky and thunder cracks as the Philistines keep running over the hills. Those details are not in the Bible but it helps activate the imagination of the child and develop an atmosphere. Remember you’re using the real scriptures not a sweetened children’s picture book so it’s important to give a visual otherwise it all becomes monotonous. I show them how Eleazar (God has helped) used this sword and fought so hard that his hand grew numb and stuck to the sword.

You can play the squeeze my finger game, where they squeeze your finger for a lengthy period of time and realize that it’s not easy letting go. This helps bring them closer to the reality of the story. In addition to this, You can (if you have one) hand them the sword and let them feel the weight of it. Invite them to imagine swinging that thing against hundreds of men single-handed. Boys love this stuff trust me.

The most important lesson of all which applies to all of us is that men like Eleazar “stood his ground and struck down the Philistines until his hand was so numb that it stuck to the sword.” We can show our kids that in our spiritual lives, when the odds seem so stacked against us ever winning. When the demons are crawling all over our household (the bean field Shamma son of Elah defended) that little patch of land we decided to call a home in God, we should always stand our ground.

My little domestic church is my beanfield, and no Anti-Christ is going to get to my children through the likes of television programme’s that try to normalize same sex marriage. I will do everything in my power to defend that little bean field where me and my children reside. This is my little bean field (domestic church) and I will defend it with my LIFE. Are you excited yet? Yes parent, this story is about you too, you’re the warrior in this story also.

We should take the sword (word) of God and swing it against the demons until our tongues and souls go numb to the point where not even the devil himself could pry that Holy Book from our hands. In this lesson children learn never to turn and run, and never to be afraid because Jesus Christ is by their side and with His help we slay the enemies of Christendom, and interrupt their hatred with the Love and Cross of Jesus Christ.

It is my hope that you will consider reading this story to your sons and daughters. These men fought so hard that their names are remembered in the scriptures and for an eternity. To be remembered by God is one of the greatest achievements of all time. We don’t care about the worlds hall of fame, we want to be in Gods hall of fame. Show you’re children that they too can become mighty warriors just like Ishbaal, Eleazar and Shamma. That they too have the opportunity to become close to the King of Kings, being made a member of his royal household, and numbered among the Saints in the Royal hall of fame.

Are you excited about this story as I am? Have I helped inspire you to dust off that amazing Holy Book and start telling these stories? Let me know in the comments.

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