Read This Entire Post To Receive A Prize

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

I think anyone who manages to get through one of my blog posts deserves to get a prize. Imagine having to sit for 10 minutes to read my rather uncreative and dreary articles? Today, I have someone who wishes to give a free gift for every reader that manages to read to the end of this post without skipping to the end. This is NOT a marketing scam nor am I trying to sell you something. It’s not even me that is giving you to gift.

At the age of 23 I decided life was simply too much to bear anymore. I was suffering severe panic attacks and anxiety. In the thick fog of confusion a faint light began to flicker in the distance. At first, I paid it little to no attention, but the more I ignored it the more it flickered. It was a lighthouse far off in the distance. It saw me bobbing among the rocks making dangerous turns and decisions in life.

As time grew by, I began to obey the light. I put my trust in this mysterious guide that seemed to grow stronger and pierce the darkness that encompassed my soul. But the light was still too faint and the journey still too arduous. In my frustration I broke down, failing to obey the light. I tried to drink myself through the storm in the hopes that maybe I’d fall asleep one day and never wake up. But that only made the light stronger than it was before. It was so strong it woke me up out of my drunken stupor.

I came ashore safely and the light guided me into a small wooden cabin in the countryside. I was so hungover from the night before that making out the interior was difficult. Eventually as I snapped out of it, the cabin appeared to be full of books. Behind the desk a little monk just sat in silence. My father asks me to pick a book. I lift up a book called “The Imitations of Christ”. My father thought it was a good decision, but he showed me a different book.

This person didn’t profit from the book. There was no money to be made except for those who formed its pages. He whispered nervously for fear of my response, “I know her, she speaks to God”. I held back my chuckle for fear of offending him. As he urged me to get it, I told him, “No” I’m happy with what I’ve picked. “OK”, he said, “I’ll get it for myself”.

A few days or weeks passed, and I came to a close on my “Imitations of Christ” by Thomas A Kempis. I noticed on the arm of the Chair this book my father bought, but I initially refused. Allow me to describe its cover to you. It was the Holy Shroud of Jesus in color surrounded by an orange cloud like substance. The title of the book was True Life In God by Vassula Ryden. The entire package attracted me and so for once in my life I judged a book by its cover and began to open and read.

A hunger grew within for the second volume until I got to the third. By the time I’d finished the third volume a great light shone within me. This mysterious lighthouse and I now became ONE. The lighthouse was now within me and I burned for love of God. From exactly a year before, that mysterious faint light that flickered in my soul was Jesus all along. Right now this light flickers for you also.

Congratulations!!! You’ve reached the end of the post. Now it’s time for your prize. It’s the messages of Christ in their entirety for absolutely free. Just click here.

The people that lived in darkness has seen a great light; on those who dwell in the land and shadow of death a light has dawned.


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