Do Our Pet Animals Go To Heaven?

My Budgie reading scriptures with me. She won’t go anywhere without the bell

The scriptures speak of how all Gods creation sings His praises (Dan 3:57–59), but it is it enough for them to get into heaven? We recently had to put our dog down, and the question arose once again of whether or not there’s a little doggy heaven somewhere.

The great St.Thomas Aquinas posited the teaching that animals have souls. But because their souls are not eternal nor saved in the same way as humans, they die when their bodies die. For those of us who love our pets so dearly, this can come as quite a shock. I would imagine St.Francis of Assisi, so attached to animals as he was, would find it a difficult pill to swallow.

Buddhists would say that all sorrow can be traced to the attachment to something. All attachment is not good for our state of happiness. But, is all attachment, and sorrow self inflicting and painful? Is there not a sorrow out there that is mingled with a deep concern for the good will of the other? I firmly believe in a sorrow that is mingled with joy. I believe life without sorrow where we walk around with big smiles all the time to be a delusion. It is a sorrowful happy love for the passing of a loved one or animal that I believe to a part of the human soul.

C. S Lewis had posited a different teaching to that of Acquinas. He said that because Pets were an extension of our happiness on earth we will see our pets in heaven. God wants our happiness. I like that. Although they are not saved in the same way, their souls have become an extension of our joy on earth, enough for God to take them into eternity to be with us.

Now, I know that St.Thomas Aqcuinas is seen as a great theologian. To make him comparable to a modern Non Catholic writer may seem unfair to some. However, We must be careful not to allow our sense of who is catholic and who is not, or who is greater and who is not simply because of his position in the Church to get the best of us. Saints are not recognized as such because of their great intellects, but because of a profound closeness to God in prayer. Not everything saints taught and did were somehow infallible. If God can speak through the mouth of a donkey in the old testament, why not C. S Lewis?

Dogs are such an extension to the family that when they pass away, it can be a difficult process. My wife told how when our dog Charlie passed away, she felt a tingle in her hand. The woman straight after said, “He’s gone”. I told her that perhaps this tingle was his soul caressing yours as he left? His last goodbye to you. Of all Gods creations, dogs seem to be the closest to humans. There is most certainly something about them. Don’t be afraid to dare believe that there’s a place in heaven for them somewhere because I certainly don’t shy away from considering it.

Me and My Dog Charlie. RIP Charlie.

2 thoughts on “Do Our Pet Animals Go To Heaven?

  1. I had a special Mr. Kobi. He was a rescue and we were a perfect match. It has been years but I could talk about him forever. Had him in uni.

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