The Spiritual Journey Of The Greek Blonde

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay
Note:This is not a picture of the woman spoken of and is being used for the artistic purpose of the article

Who was she and what has she become? We will reveal more about that later. I want you to get to know the person without having revealed her name or her picture to you. I find sometimes that, when we are in the dark about what a person looks like, it can prevent us from making rash judgment.

This lady has not had some kind of harsh life, that would provoke us to tears. Why? Well, what is considered to be a good life in the eyes of the world, is not the case with God. Often what makes us laugh provokes God to tears. A person may have lived in dire poverty their entire lives, and we would view that person as having a life of non-success. However, someone like this lady I speak of may have lived a financially comfortable life with many talents, but in the eyes of God, was a real failure.

Put yourself in her shoes for a moment (men, if you’ve never worn heels before please be patient). You’re a young attractive professional woman with not a care in the world. Cocktail parties and beautiful dinners, shopping for clothes without caring too much for the price tag. You don’t necessarily feel depressed. Every day of your life is spent walking around enjoying life like everybody else. You’re coping with your anger, jealously, and depressing moments in life. You acknowledge religion as something you’re baptized into but you don’t practice it. Therefore, you attend the odd wedding and baptism like all the others. It’s the culture of your country and something you do, right?

Up until November 28th of 1985, that is exactly how this lady lived. There was nothing going on in her life of great significance. No depression, no mental instability at all. She had everything she ever wanted. She had many friends so the idea of wanting more or others approval never resounded within her one bit. In fact what happened to her caused her to lose many…many friends. She lived in developing countries because of her husbands job, and so this meant she traveled a lot.

One year she found herself in Bangladesh where she was stationed for three years. Within those three years something extraordinary occurred to her. It not only changed the way she viewed God and the world, but how the world viewed her also. It would become a change in her life that would challenge the very fabric of everything she thought to be true.

She was preparing a grocery list for a big dinner on that evening of November 28th, when suddenly out of nowhere, she had the manifestation of her guardian angel. How could she be so sure of this and that is was not a figment of her imagination? Well, she heard the voice distinctly as you would anyone else’s, and she saw an interior vision that was distinct to how we use our imagination.

The Angel touched her hand, and suddenly she felt an electrical feeling on her hand. Immediately she understood he wanted her to write down what it was he wanted to say. As he did this her handwriting changed into the most beautiful handwriting she’d ever seen. His first words he introduced himself with was, “I am your guardian Angel and my name is Daniel.”

From that introduction sparked a new change in her life that brought joy but also much suffering. There were many who thought she was crazy. Wouldn’t you? I mean, how many people do we know of that claim they were abducted by aliens, they saw BIG FOOT or had some spiritual experience where God revealed something to them but they’re lying for attention? But, after much investigation from theologians it was understood that this was very authentic.

The spiritual journey of this nice Greek blonde lady is something you’re invited to look into. Her name? Vassula Ryden. The name of Gods work through her hands? True Life In God. Please listen to her story and see the writings for yourself in the video provided below. It changed my life, and it can change yours too.

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