Why Every Homeschooling Family Should Wear St.Benedicts Medal

St.Benedict Medal
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I had a dream some months ago. I found myself behind a simple wooden door. Curious as to what was inside I placed my hand on its round knob and pushed it open to peer inside. It was a room full of empty school desks in a sort of homely setting. It even had a chalkboard. It was a nice set up in comparison to the dinner table we used in our kitchen.

When I entered I felt a really strong dark presence of evil. Although there was no audible voice, I immediately understood it to be Satan. I could not see him visibly but I felt him. Have you ever walked into a room where all eyes are upon you and you have foreknowledge of their disdain for you? Well, it was like this but multiply that feeling by a trillion. In fact, it was such a supernatural hatred, no form of hatred on earth could replicate it nor any earthly description suffice.

Then the desks began to levitate in the air. I sensed something terrible was coming my way. Rather than converse with the evil presence, I simply grabbed the very medal of St.Benedict I wear daily in the awakened state. I was wearing it in the same fashion I would day to day, around my neck on a silver chain. Holding it tightly where it hung around my neck, I squeezed it with all my might. Sliding down the back wall in a sort of profiled fetal position, I stayed that way.

Suddenly, with great force and violence the desks were fired at me and everyone of them hit the wall leaving me unharmed. There was splinters of wood flying everywhere in the air from where they broke into tiny pieces, and I closed my eyes with great force to wait for it to be over. I was so terrified. I then woke up in an incredible sweat in the middle of the night. I held my St.Benedict Medal and went back to sleep. Before going to sleep I knew it was to do with the fact that I’m homeschooling my children. It was the first thought that came to me as I opened my eyes.

I don’t know about your country, but in Ireland, homeschooling is very taboo. Satan is annoyed I chose not to send my children to what is believed by many Christians today as an intellectual death camp. It is considered a platform where secularists dechristianize the next generation, pulling them away from their Catholic faith. We are now living in a very dark period in history where Christian culture has fallen, and the rise of paganism, secularism and all the other “isms” have taken over.

St.Benedict makes an appearance in this dream, and for very good reason. I never made the connection before until the moment I sat down to write this blog post. Benedict is the person responsible for all the education of Christianity we received today. During the fall of his culture at the time (the fall of Rome) and the rise of anarchy, he took Christianity and went off into a cave. He preserved the teachings of the Church for a later generation when they’d be ready once again to hear it. All of our schools and universities today can be traced back to this Saint.

By removing our children from the toxic system, homeschoolers are traversing the path St.Benedict went down. We are preserving our Christian faith for a time when society will turn again. It may not be for another 300 years, but we suspect it will turn again. Satan was quite clearly expressing his utter anger at my unwillingness even to allow my children to mingle with not only the world, but progressive and fundamentalist personalities in the Church.

Satan wants division not only in the secular world but the Church too. However, by the power of God through the intercession of St.Benedict, I learned a lesson that night. I understood that St.Benedict was asking me to pray more often to him the prayer on the medal in Latin. It’s not good enough to simply wear it as a lucky charm.

I normally keep many of my dreams to myself, but this one I couldn’t resist sharing months after having had it, possibly even a year, I don’t quite remember when. I feel that St.Benedict wants us homeschoolers to turn more often to him for protection.

For more information on St.Benedicts medal and the right way to acquire one, please visit here.

Image by ArtTower from Pixabay

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