Jesus Said We Can’t Judge Others But According To St.Paul We Can

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Jesus tells us we can’t judge but St.Paul said we can. Can the truth contradict the truth? No, so one must be read in light of the other. As we are already aware of how Jesus puts it, Lets read what St.Paul says,

It is not my business to pass judgment on those outside. Of those who are inside, you can surely be the judges. But of those who are outside, God is the judge.

1 Corinthians 5:13

There are few things about this passage that are interesting. We can see that Jesus means we must not Judge the person while St.Paul argues its fine to judge that persons behaviour, and be their judges in the sense that punishment can be dished out.

But it is unfair to go around judging non Christians. Judging them for their behaviour is fruitless according to St.Paul as it wouldn’t make any sense to them and offends God. But of Christians on the inside we can judge provided we are not engaged in the same behaviour. It also feels like St.Paul is making a statement regarding the authority that clergy have to dish out excommunications etc.

I might be cutting it fine here but it seems like those on the inside are people who are baptized whether they be Catholic or not. It wouldn’t matter that they don’t practice the faith they’re brought up with, as once you’re baptized you are (according to canon law today) always considered to be on the inside. Even when you’re excommunicated, you may not be able to receive the sacraments, but you’re still Catholic.

As for those who have never been baptized, it only makes sense not to Judge them. This is why Pope Francis when asked to comment about homosexuals behaviour whether they be inside or outside said, “who am I to judge?”. The Holy Father can only be judge of those on the inside. I think he answered the question in a clever way while others feel like he missed an opportunity to stand up for the doctrine of the faith.

Pope Francis knows that the faith teaches homosexual tendencies are wrong, but he prefers to choose a more compassionate approach. Simply pointing out to a homosexual his behaviour is wrong is a rather heavy handed way of dealing with the situation, especially when they’re irreligious or a Christian with little catechism. It would be much better to encourage them to continue seeking a relationship with God and foster this first and foremost. When we point out others bad behaviour the source of most of their negative reaction is because they perceive your correction as a rejection of them.

Pope Francis, rather than using words that may be perceived as a rejection, opts instead for an expression that will seem more accepting. He does this because the person is of weak faith and St.Paul says we are always to welcome a brother of weak faith without getting argumentative. Why? because we risk these brothers losing whatever faith they have left and leaving the Church altogether.

Therefore, although we may be judges of those on the inside, we must choose when and where is the best place to put it into practice. We cannot just read it for what it is and go around with a stick and constantly correcting their bad behaviour. Discernment is key here when it comes to judging those on the inside.

2 thoughts on “Jesus Said We Can’t Judge Others But According To St.Paul We Can

  1. Yes, Pope Francis be on it! Love how he shamed some with orthodox teaching, yet some considered it as a deviation. A good verse from St. Paul that stresses a fundamental truth!

    Do you have Twitter? If so, let’s follow each other.

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