Dream: The Thief Who Stole My Prayer Rope

Image by TheDigitalWay from Pixabay

Last night I dreamed that a thief was rummaging through what was left of my belongings. He was doing it out in the open air on the ground, but at night. I rushed over to him yelling for him to get away. He grasped in his hand a Jesus prayer rope and a Catholic Rosary at the same time. When I tried to pull my prayer rope off him he wouldn’t let go.

Then, (my personality unalterable even in my dreams) I realized this was an opportunity to convert him, to make a good impression. Lifting it up staring at them in confusion he asked what they were used for. I told him that it’s a great and powerful prayer and how to pray both. He walked away very happy, but that is all he walked away with. He took nothing else.

Sometimes we come into this world for one thing and leave not with what we came for, but with something much greater than expected. When we find the real treasure, all else becomes rubbish in our eyes, no longer holding any value. If anything, that is what the dream taught me, but other than that, I’ve no idea what it could have meant.

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