Photographs: A Pilgrimage In The Footsteps Of St.Oliver Plunkett

St.Oliver Plunkett By Stephen Bernard Mc Elligott

I am a photographer for many years now. In 2018 I undertook a journey in the footsteps of St.Oliver Plunkett subsequently published on a Christian website known as Aleteia. Tomorrow is July 1st his feast day in the Roman Catholic Church. I would like to share this article once again with my readers.

He is a local Saint who was martyred by the English. They had him trialed by a Kangaroo court in London for treason, hung drawn and quartered. In the article I explain who St.Oliver is along with his relics offering my own personal reflections. After it being published, I was interviewed by LMFM a local radio station positioned in the town where the relic of St.Olivers incorrupt head has laid itself to rest in St.Peters Church Drogheda.

For the first time in Irish history, I undertook a journey no other photographer did and shot nearly every location Oliver had taken through his life in the north east of Ireland. From his birth place at loughcrew in Co.Meath, to his places of secret masses conducted underground, I left no stone unturned. Due to a lack of funding I could not reach Dublin or anywhere else outside of Ireland. As I was in between jobs, I was limited to what I could play with.

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God bless

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