Video: Debunking The Myth Why The Crusaders Sacked Constantinople

A common misconception is that Constantinople was sacked by the Crusaders simply for economic reasons and to gain power. Nothing could be further from the truth. As the video below demonstrates quoting many historians, the sack of the city was self inflicted. Alexius the IV, who had an agreement with the Crusaders to fund the campaign was strangled in his palace by Murzuphlus who usurped power as Alexius the V. He was a notorious anti westerner and cancelled the agreement, even going as far as to muster an army to kill the Crusaders.

The Crusaders who came under the invite of Alexius the IV not even in search of economic gain to begin with, saw him as a friend. When they saw that the city was in the hands of what they now perceived to be out of control brigands, and with no food and supplies they decided to sack the city and divide its wealth. The leaders of the Crusade had little control over the brigands among their own ranks who set about murdering civilians and desecrating Churches. It was a chaotic scene in which we can defend neither side only seek to dispel the popular myths surrounding the real history of what occurred.

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