What It Really Means To Lose Your Life For Christ

whoever loses their life for me will find it


The Church often uses this quote when referring to those who were martyred for the faith. While they do that legitimately, there is another way you can lose your life without ever shedding a drop of blood. How do many martyrs willingly give up their bodily lives so easily? It’s because they’ve lost their lives prior to their martyrdom.

When we are willing to risk sacrificing the human approval of others to please Jesus. When we risk losing long time best friends for the sake of the Gospel. When we use whatever riches we’ve worked for wisely and with Christ in our hearts. When we are willing to let go of riches and be happy with plenty or in poverty.

When we no longer get upset when someone insults us, look at another woman with lustful eyes and instead see her the way God does, then we have truly lost our lives. That is what it means to lose your life for Christ. When you give up all the materialism and egoism, then you will discover and find something (or should I say someone else) that surpasses all of it.

I often say to people, “It isn’t until I give up looking for the car keys do I find them”. Give up your ego, give up your self centeredness. Give up searching for happiness at the bottom of a tub of Kentucky fried chicken; give up getting fat on the pleasures of the flesh and then you will find true happiness. It is not until you lose the pleasurable life you lead, will you discover the one Christ has laid out for you since the day of your conception; it is a life of authentic pleasure no earthly joy could ever replicate.

2 thoughts on “What It Really Means To Lose Your Life For Christ

  1. Thank you Stephen. I have been asking God to show me why I do not have agape love. I thought a stronghold was preventing me from self-sacrificial love. I realize, I need to to die to myself, my needs, my wants, and give myself to Christ and others through patience and kindness, even when I don’t think they deserve it. What you sow, you will reap.

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    1. It is a grace from God of which prayer and action are the instruments by which God respond. It’s not easy though especially for those of us who live in the world bombarded daily with the visual temptations and distractions. However, certainly something to strive for.


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