What It Means To Live Like A King

My kids took this rather funny photo of me today. They wanted to play “Knights and Kings” and they all agreed I should be king. They bought me a kings crown from the local toy store and took this photo of me with my Mr.Perfect mug. As we all laughed at the photo it nevertheless inspired a blog post. What does it mean to live like a King? There are first of all two types of Kings.

There are those Kings who Lord it over everyone, and have an enormous high opinion of themselves. They’ve amassed an enormous amount of wealth either by being born into the right family, or purchasing the right lotto ticket which led to a worldwide successful business. They have the prestige and given honor (sincere or insincere?) among their other worldly subjects who throw themselves at their feet in the hope of receiving a few scraps (pennies) from the table. There are those who become kings simply by going with the flow, and being a “yes” person to every liberal law you can imagine, just so they can become King one day.

Suddenly, I’m reminded of an anecdote I heard of once. A young peasant servant approaches his King, who himself was once a peasant. He said, “your majesty, you were once a peasant like myself. How did you become King?” The King laughed replying joyfully, “Oh…I just agreed with what everyone said.” The young servant frowns in disbelief. He says, “Oh come on! How did you get to be King only by agreeing with everyone?” The King takes his question seriously and says, “Yeah, You’re right, how did I become King by agreeing with everyone?” hahaha. I do like that one.

Yes, in this world to live like a King, all that is required is a bit of hard work, agree with the cultural status quo, and you will be glorified and worshipped by society. That good feeling you get from being someone important will be yours for however long it lasts (spoiler: It doesn’t last long).

In the eyes of heaven, such a King, while he enjoys being viewed as one by the world, is indeed viewed as a peasant in the eyes of Jesus and all his Holy Angels and Saints. It is the upside down world of the Kingdom of God. In fact, the upside down world is the one WE live in, not the Kingdom of heaven, which couldn’t be more upright if it tried to be.

To reject the worlds version of Love, Joy and Sorrow will give you status in the Kingdom of heaven. Putting your boot through the car window of the irreligious pleasure seeking world is what makes you a rebel King in the eyes of God. To stop allowing yourself to get upset every time you’re insulted or reacting with anger, that is what makes you noble.

In the eyes of the angels we are actually children of nobility. What prince of England is to the Queen, we are to Jesus Christ and the Queen of Heaven. But we have sullied our nobility by rolling in the mud of our ego like the fat pigs that we are. The man on the TV may have ran a successful business and he is now the CEO of whatever big tech company, but watch what happens when you insult him. The pig comes right out of him, and we get to see that he really is which is to say nothing more than a peasant living in dire poverty.

Live like Kings by no longer being at the mercy of the world and all the illusory joys it offers you. Remain surrounded by materialistic wealth, and live like a King by seeing it for what it really is…transitory. This is what it all means to live like a King.

Now if you would please excuse me, my Knights (children) have been enquiring about how much money is left in the treasury (my wallet) to spend on the toy shop. It’s an ongoing dispute, one that may see them being ejected from the castle for some time. This is why I don’t look too pleased in the photo, as being King has it’s crosses to bear… haha!.

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