Michael Voris Attacks Bishop Barron Deleting Comments Opposing His Argument

In his latest Youtube video, Michael Voris attacked Bishop Barron, making a number of arguments which I respectfully responded to in a comment which he or a member of his team deleted. The irony here is that he is critical of the Bishop for inviting in lame Catholic journalists who already agree with his views to discuss the new radical traditionalists while he himself goes around deleting anyone’s comments with an opposing view. Michael does not want to have conversation or dialogue, rather, he is interested only in confrontation.

I knew beforehand he would delete my comment, but I wrote and saved it simply because I had planned to do a blog post on it at some point in the future. The reason I knew it would be immediately deleted is because he has deleted many of my comments in the past. He has left other critical comments that are wishy washy, but my comment must have scared the CM team because it countered every argument he made in detail throughout his video. Before you read my comment, watch his video. I must say that Michael needs our prayers. Like the Pharisees before him who had the best of intentions, he is woefully ignorant of the damage he is doing to the Church with his “expose to reform” strategy.

Here is my unedited comment, unedited on his video:

“Michael seems to think that exposing corruption and spilling the sins of the Church into public is going to somehow reform her like Martin Luther did. Nothing could be further from the truth. All it does is confirm an existing hatred and further damage the image of the Church which is a Grave sin. Unless it’s criminal activity all the Churches problems should be dealt with behind closed doors and Christ is clear about that as is St.Paul who lamented thst Christians were taking one another to the secular courts.

Yet here is Michael doing the same. Michael forgets that you can still be obedient to the Pope and Vatican II and still be radical. To surmise Michael’s activity it is that running around exposing homosexual clergy will reform the Church…guess what….IT DOESN’T.

All it does is drive the world further away from the Church and turn ordinary Catholics sour and paranoid about every priest they meet. It makes them aggressive and one look at the comment section here reveals it. He says bishop Barron is In the middle. Im sorry Michael but there’s two extremes and then there’s just Catholic. Proverbs says a false balance is abomination to the Lord and a just weight pleasing to him. You’ve no idea that you’re the tool of something more sinister that’s actually not helping the Church and her corruption on the inside. What can I say the Pharisees were the same. They were not nasty people, they were just incredibly ignorant and stupid.”

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