Focusing On Exorcisms Not Good For Mental And Spiritual Health

A still from the Popular Exorcist movie filmed in 1973

Exorcists have been on the decline lately, and the Church is lamenting the growing shortage of priests available to train for it. It is and will always remain to be a very important part of the Churches ministry. Exorcism has its benefits on lay people inspiring them to do better in their faith or encouraging former sceptics to take up the Cross and follow Christ.

However, there must be a line drawn as to how far we are willing to go when studying this subject. Many lay Catholics indulge on books and YouTube videos about exorcism. Like the people who often follow miracles and wonders, many lay people become disciples of exorcists and the topic itself. It’s a thing with lay people that they end up zooming in on a particular ministry of the Church to the detriment of their spiritual and mental well being. To stress another example, take those who far from admiring miracles and exorcisms, gorge upon intellectual theological studies, while they themselves are an unholy mess and their lives are upside down.

A person who embarks on focusing upon the devil without ever having repented or awakened to their ignorant state, are more susceptible to him destroying their lives. I forget which author it was, but he got featured in the Netflix movie, “The Devil and Fr.Amorth”. He stated that the research he did on exorcism attracted the demons and he came down with a deep spiritual flu known as depression. This happens many clergy and lay people who take on too much that their souls can handle. It’s usually people from a common background with little catechesis that end up in the most trouble.

By focusing upon exorcisms and Church conspiracies I have first hand witnessed people go quite literally insane. If you’re going to engage with exorcisms beyond reading a book and watching a quick 1 hour documentary about it on Youtube, you better be spiritually prepared, because the devil loves nothing more than to see someone who hasn’t repented (priest or lay person) approach this subject. It makes it easier for him to prey upon them.

In the book of proverbs the Lord says, “A false balance is abomination to the Lord, a Just weight is His delight.” Proverbs:11:1

I enjoy miracles, reading about exorcisms, and studying theology more than anyone else. My spirituality is such that every day I to strive for repentance because I’m such a sinner. But I know that without engaging with the Church from a balanced perspective, I can fall prey to the devils tricks who is always trying to suck people into the idea that holiness is found by praying but not changing. In the devils world, holiness is found reading books about theology, exorcism and that knowledge equals holiness. But if these things are not balanced on the scales of living the Gospel, they destroy a Christian, even making him lose his mind.

The monks of the desert speak of monks being so spiritually deluded that they threw themselves off from a cliff and others in their deluded state, were ordaining themselves priests. They’d lost their minds. The spiritual world is not a fun playground. You can wear all the holy medals you want, make a big wall and plaster it with icons in the home (like I have) but to no avail. If you do not repent and seek awareness of the self, and seek transformation of who you are then you will run into significant trouble. If you do not be ambitious for the higher gifts of spiritual discernment and love and all these things, then you better be prepared to be ripped apart by the devil. It won’t be over night, but as a vulture flies around it’s prey, the devil takes time before he finally goes in for the kill.

The point of my post is this: Do not focus on exorcisms, miracles or studying theology to the neglect of seeking a metanoia and living the Gospel. By doing this you may well close your eyes at death, appear before Christ saying, “But Lord, we drove out many demons in your name, wrote loads of theology books, assisted in many exorcisms” and he will declare he doesn’t know you, and cast you into the hellfire.

My dear reader I don’t wish to scare you, I only want to help you. Look at how the man with the insatiable desire to climb mount Everest, seeks every bit of advice from those who took the journey to reach its peak. In the same way you must make being renewed in Christ and becoming another Christ the absolute focus of your life, seeking advice from those saints who reached the peak. Right now, you may be doing it the wrong way around, but now is your chance to turn the tables on the Devil and put the shoe on the right foot and march to the peak of spiritual progress. God bless you, please keep me in your prayers, because I desperately need them. We are on this journey together, me and you.

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