Be Concerned Only With Things And People Who Help Save Your Soul


I had a phone call recently from someone asking me to get involved in the business of photography. When I displayed a lack of interest there was a lot of irritation on their behalf. They couldn’t understand what they saw as a good photographer with a lot of potential would reject the idea. The reason for this is because I’ve researched it and decided there was no money in photography. People are surprised to hear how I wouldn’t pursue a career doing something I love.

It’s an understandable argument, however I’m one of those people who view business decisions influenced by the heart as ones that generally fail. My whole life I’ve tried to make it a point never to do something that doesn’t make me money. Money comes first no matter how I get it whether I work hard, little or at all for it and it’s handed to me on a plate; then all those minor luxuries of life comes later such as making photography a hobby. I’m of the belief that everyone should do the same and that money, although a necessary evil that has corrupted many, is nevertheless nice to have a little of in the back pocket.

I am no less different when it comes to the salvation of my soul. Although I’m generally a careless person when it comes to it in many areas, I never do anything that would hinder mine or my kids salvation. This means I need to make many sacrifices like the loss of friends and even to forget about that well paid job because the work culture and people in it are incredibly liberal. It is the only time when my concern with the Divine will supersede the one with money. It’s the only time I’m willing to take a cut in my paycheck for because I place the heavenly currency of grace above that of the world.

If I at all sense that you are a weed in my garden, even if you’re my own mother and father or my child, I will uproot you to make it look better in the end. This may sound cruel and selfish, but you should never allow the selfishness of others demand you choose them over and above Christ and the eternal salvation of your soul.

It’s a tough road but even Christians have to be shown the door eventually. I’ve so many extreme Christians from the alternative left, right and center circles who shower me with insults. I’ve been called fundamentalist by the progressive theologians destroying the Church, and I’ve been called a modern progressive by fundamentalists equally doing the same.

But as the banner of this blog explains, I will always strive to be more modern than the modernist and more fundamental than the fundamentalist, because in the end that’s what Catholicism is; it is not some centered individual on a fence not picking a side. Catholicism is the key stone which the all these builders have rejected including the centered who don’t know who they are and have strange uncommitted views.

Therefore I invite others to do the same. Remove from your life anything that becomes a barrier to your salvation. Obviously you cannot remove yourself from dealing with the world, (or..maybe you can …caves in the remote wilderness look very tempting these days) but you can organize yourself in such a way that will extremely limit its influence on you and your family. Always, my dear reader, be concerned with what gets you to heaven. When you close your eyes and by the will of God we both get to heaven, there you will see me for the first time, and we shall both rejoice together and thank God for this great wisdom.

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