Bill Gates Awkward Body Language Reveals Deception

Bill Gates gave an interview in recent weeks where he was caught off guard by Norah O’Donnell. Watch the entire interview here. I had to do some digging on the search results of YouTube, it’s obviously hidden very well on their algorithms for a reason.

For some time the media have been giving this non scientific and unqualified doctor on Covid19 a free pass. Norah puts before Bill Gates the very high rate of failure of the Covid19 vaccine trials and in words he plays it down by directing us towards the advice of the FDA. All of a sudden the expert and promoter of vaccines knows nothing so why he is even being interviewed?

In this interview I’d like to break down Bills body language and cluster of gestures that suggest deception. I will be focusing merely on body language and not what he has said. The reason for this is because while you appear to say one thing, your body says another. Put simply, when someone is deceiving you, their body language contradicts what they’re saying and it’s indicative truth is being withheld.

Adapter Of The Cup.

As Norah asks him the question, Bill goes in for the cup of Joe. Realizing the severity of the question, people often do this as a means to self comfort and cope with what they’re hearing. Put it this way, when you’re ready to go into battle you suit up your armour and brace yourself for the fight. This is what is taking place here with the cup of coffee. It’s a psychological shield or barrier between you and the perceived aggressor (in this instance the news anchor). Bill is bracing himself for the fight of his life and the worst interview ever.

After or during the cup of coffee break, Bill shuts his eyes periodically. He does this because it’s the bodies way of shutting out the question. I guess you could say it’s a kind of, “I wish I wasn’t here and could be somewhere else right now” gesture. What happens next is even more telling.

See No Evil

It’s a good indication of deception when a person displays a number of gestures that would indicate something is being withheld. The more these gestures are done in a sequence, the more we have reason to believe deception is taking place. In the screenshot provided, bill touches his glasses. When a person is being deceptive, they often rub their eye. In Bills case he goes for the next best thing, the frame of his glasses. In the world of body language we call this “see no evil”. What takes place next will also be of interest as it immediately follows this gesture.

The Pinocchio Effect

You would think it to be nothing more than a childs cartoon, but such a fictional character was closer to the truth than we thought. Studies have proven that when a person lies blood rushes to the nose causing swelling of the nose which requires the subject to scratch it ever so lightly. Immediately after touching his glasses, he goes for his nose.

At this point it’s important to note that these gestures cannot always be accurate. When isolated taking place independent of a cluster, may not indicate deception is happening. Often, people scratch their nose because they’ve allergies or maybe the glasses are genuinely not placed correctly. But when clustered together in rapid succession there’s a high probability something is being held back.

Other Gestures To Conclude

In other gestures Bill is seen pursing his lips tightly together. This means that the person is concealing either a truth, an emotion or information that they will not be sharing with you. Other gestures include Bill Gates squirming in the chair which is indicative of a person psychologically attempting to escape the room. At times he clasps his hands together interlocking his fingers. A person performs this gesture when they’re extremely frustrated at or about something.

I have to say, I would find my local dodgy salesman more reliable and better at concealing lies than Bill Gates. People like Bill often get trained in Body language and I can see that training at play throughout his other interviews. However, nothing is full proof and no matter how much training you receive, you’re always going to let slip just like Bill did. Sorry Bill, but. . . You’re not fooling me.

One thought on “Bill Gates Awkward Body Language Reveals Deception

  1. First would like to share with you my first dramatic spontaneous intro to body language: I was 15, and these people had invited me to a party and one presented me with a tiny half tablet. I wasn’t sure what it was, but it was LSD. I had never had psychedelic experience till this first time. They took me to a party where the rest of the people most likely were smoking weed but not tripping, and I was sat on a couch observing what was happening, looking at the people. As the drug took effect I began seeing how what the people were saying totally contradicted their body language, and I started giggling like crazy as I saw this more and more clearly. I am sure the people weren’t happy with this. This experience has stayed with me for years and I am very interested in this. …Regarding Bill Gates, I see clearly he is one CREEPY person. And of course if you are wise you will understand why when you see the terrible times we are in because of this person and the rest of them. What I have been though looking for is body language analysis of his usual flapping his arms about, Even a satirical cartoon of his doesn’t show that arm flapping!


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