I Met With Two Monks Travelling Europe On Foot

Yesterday I was driving home in the rain from running an errand. Close to my house I saw two figures in rain coats and beards walking with staffs in hand and traditional symbols of pilgrimage around their necks. I immediately recognized the one with the seashell to be Fratel Biagio (Brother Biagio) a very famous Holy monk and Franciscan loved by all Italians.

I had seen him months ago on Italian and English TV talking about his pilgrimage around Europe for peace in the world. I couldn’t believe he was so close to my house. I pulled over my car on the busy highway. Doing a U-Turn I parked alongside where I thought safest to do so. Fratel Biagio only speaks Italian so I ran to him and conversed with him in his native tongue.

We spoke together about his journey that day. It had been raining hard that morning, the hardest I’d ever seen it in Ireland for quite some time. His footwear was just a pair of worn brown leather sandals. I thought to myself, “How on earth will you survive Irish weather in those?”. He related to me the arduous trip due to bad weather and I agreed with him that, like God… Irish weather has no favourites.

He told me that they were on a pilgrimage for peace in the world. They never accept money or car lifts. I was truly amazed at how they’d come this far. “We are looking for St.Patricks Church, Do you know where it is?” I said, “yeah, sure, it’s the Church me and my wife got married in 2009”. I directed him to the Church as best I could. After this we spoke a little on my conversion back to the faith via the messages of True Life In God, and my wifes struggle with cancer.

He rummaged in his rucksack and dug out for me a gold miraculous medal. He and his companion implored me to give it to my wife. Before parting ways we all prayed the Lords Prayer, Hail Mary and Glory Be in Italian together. He invited me to bow so he could give me his blessing and he bowed in return for me to place my hand on him and bless him. We then parted ways and I rushed back home.

On arrival I told my wife the story and gave her the miraculous medal. Her eyes opened wide and she said, “That is so strange. . . just the other day I sent my mother my golden miraculous medal as a gift. Now the Lord and Our Lady have returned it and in such spectacular fashion as always.”

The idea that I’ve been watching Fratel Biagio for months on Facebook news articles and videos only to meet him near my house is no coincidence. Gods timing of everything is impeccable, and I’m so happy to have had this photo opportunity with him which I will cherish all the days of my life. I’m gonna put it on a mug, pen and T-shirt. You can be certain that in my house, Fratel Biagios blessing upon my domestic castle will never be forgotten.

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