Marriages That End In Disaster Always Have This Problem

Image by Mustafa shehadeh from Pixabay

I’ve noticed over the years that there are some people who are married and never should have tied the knot. I mean, these people are married 20-25 years and while the majority end up separating, the few that remain together can only be described as an act of God himself. Look, there are many reasons why married couples get married and then eventually split up. There is no way I’m able to cover everything but the purpose of this post today is to focus on one trait that is certainly at the root of the problem.

We all have different personalities. You’ll often hear people say, “I’m sanguine, very extroverted” while others admit they’re “Phlegmatic” or “melancholic” and a bit withdrawn. There are certain personalities that compliment one another that we all would agree contributes to a happy life together. However, no matter what kind of personality you have, there is this one trait that people fall victim to lurking among the existing traits they possess.

I have found that men and women, whenever they contradict the role that nature handed to them, problems can surface within the relationship. I know of couples who were married 25 years and then split up. I was so surprised it lasted as long as it did, why? Because they fought every day. The man was very masculine and according to his nature he wanted to be a leader, a trait all men are born with.

The woman on the other hand was infected with masculine traits of being in control and so she wanted to wear the trousers also. In fact, If you saw them together one could say, she was more masculine than him. The only way the relationship would ever be free from any taint of eruptive behaviour would be if the woman conceded to the man his rightful throne, and resumed to enjoy her feminine role. She didn’t, he went off and had an affair with a woman who would concede to him that leadership rule and that was the end of the marriage.

This happens the other way around too. Men can become incredibly androgynous and feminine. If you’ve got two feminine personalities on your hands it spells nothing but disaster. The only way I could ever see a relationship work would be where both are either living up to their roles or contradicting them in a strange but balanced manner. For example, I’ve often witnessed the long lasting relationships of those couples where the woman is masculine and the man is feminine, or vice versa.

I noticed how very masculine extroverted women tend to marry the androgynous nerdy geeky type of man. She psychologically wears the trousers and he the pretty dress. She mows the lawn, and he does the dishes. But guess what? They’re happy together because there’s at least some harmony in place. However, it’s not as ideal lets say as when a couple are both living up to the personality traits God handed them.

The reason for this is because many androgynous men have to suppress their true natural traits in order to behave like a woman. What results from this is often depression which can manifest itself in anger among other things. It’s one of the reasons the homosexual and trans community have a high rate of mental illness and suicide. When something is being suppressed, it won’t be long before the mental pressure builds and there’s an eruption of symptoms that go along with that.

Let me flesh it out even more. By nature men are very disagreeable beings. They’re built to be the providers of the family and must go out and seal the deal that puts meat on the table. Women, on the other hand are very agreeable by nature and compassionate, perfect qualities for raising children. When you have a disagreeable man and a disagreeable woman in one household, you’ve got marital problems. Only God knows how long it will last. When you’ve got an agreeable man and disagreeable woman together it works much better, but at a cost of the man having to suppress his true nature. Eventually the lid on that will explode at some point.

The ideal most lengthy relationship (and I’m not saying there won’t be exceptions to the rule) is the one where both genders are living up to their natural traits. I know from experience that there’s nothing more ugly than a disagreeable masculine woman. I refuse to work with them, and if I were an employer probably wouldn’t hire them. I would do the same with an agreeable androgynous man. Perhaps he has his role somewhere in another job, but certainly not selling. As a sales person I’ve seen so many agreeable men quit on the first or second week of the job.

It’s a strange world where more women in the west are becoming less feminine and more masculine because of the rise in feminism. What you inevitably get is a much higher divorce rate when these people clash with the opposite sex who have similar natures to them. My advice is to find out what kind of character you are in order to successfully find a mate that you will love and cherish to the grave regardless of circumstance.

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