Rules On Wearing Masks Indoors Are Ridiculous

Image by Juraj Varga from Pixabay

When the rules first emerged on wearing masks I thought it was ridiculous. I wore them and continue to do so for spiritual reasons that have to do with obedience to Church and state laws when they don’t contradict the faith and morals of the Church. But this obedience does not negate my disgust and disagreement with the entire affair of mask wearing.

I went to a local park where there is a walk in a garden and some adjoining Cafeteria for a bite to eat. I approach the garden and I’m told, “It’s closed and only open to old people cocooning between 9am-1pm”. I think, right, fair enough, but then we go in on the designated times and it’s full of old people. Then there are benches that we are not allowed to sit on because they’re only for old people “cocooning” as if somehow sitting on a bench means they’re going to catch a virus when there’s hoards of people passing them by within an inch of their faces.

We go into the Cafeteria for a sandwich, wear the mask and then sit down with the other 40 people or so not wearing a mask. The reason they’re not wearing one is because they’ve got to eat their food. I don’t see any logic in getting on a bus, train or restaurant where you order your food in a mask but don’t have to wear one as long as you’re drinking and eating. It’s absolutely absurd. Then if you don’t comply with any of this you’re fined a thousand euro or whatever the outrageous fine is.

As we are in the restaurant eating with around 40 others with no mask sitting and chatting away, a man approaches the door and refused entry. The reason? He had no mask. All of us without a mask chatting with our coffee at the tables just looked at him and the whole scene was extremely bizarre.

Our basic freedoms and ability to move at liberty is being taken away from us. While I don’t advocate the breaking of state laws, we need to speak up and have that important discussion about the absurdity of wearing these masks. If we don’t express our concerns we might never see this mask wearing disappear because the virus isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. No amount of rules is going to eliminate the virus, and it’s here indefinitely.

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