St.Carlos Acutis Teaches Careerist Internet Catholics A Lesson

St.Carlos Acutis will be beatified on October 10th. If you haven’t already, you can read his story here.

St.Carlos name was unknown to the Catholic world. He led a very simple Catholic life in his diocese. Nobody knew about his website that documented Eucharistic miracles from around the world. Nobody knew about his deep love for Christ.

Yet, this saint who will be the first ever on display in modern attire such as a pair of sneakers, was known by Christ. Christ knew His name. Christ knew about his little website that probably had about 2 hits a week from local google searches. Christ knew about His deep love for Him. He didn’t do anything extraordinary for the faith like write a few books. He wasn’t interested in a Catholic celebrity career in the Church.

Among the young Catholics today who are scrambling to reach positions in the likes of EWTN, various Catholic media outlets and desperate to get hits on YouTube, Carlos Acutis teaches us what it really means to be a saint. Nothing beats the quiet life of adoration of the Lord. Nothing surpasses making a difference in your immediate diocese by being the light of Christ to local people.

This young boy saint has provided for the careerist internet Catholics a model to follow. You cannot fame your way into Sainthood, it must be freely given by Christ, and he chooses the lesser known among us raising the lowly. St.Carlos can of course teach us so many other things but I think he is a light to those tempted by Career via the internet in the Catholic Church today. Learn from him.

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