France Plans Punishment ‘Virginity Test’

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

The BBC reports on this which you can read in full here.

This is the new so-called tolerant left who despise quite literally anything to do with virginity and religious practices. If it’s not the religion of secularism, the heathen modern world will discard of you.

They claim religious people are obsessed with sex, but one look at their TV adverts, programs and music industry tells a very different story. In England where the BBC is reporting from, on Channel 4 and their own BBC programs they have “nude dating”. Couples having sex live on TV while some “sex experts” sit back and watch them having sex is also numbered among their many filthy practices.

But when will Britain and France and be fined for these types of programs? When will legislation come out banning these sex obsessed perverts from having shows such as “cuties” (A French pedophile film) where children are depicted in a lewd manner on TV for adult entertainment? But somehow a “virginity test” at the local GP falls under their scope of disgust?

France, you are disgusting and intolerant. One day the curtain will close on your ridiculous little heathen empire and it couldn’t come soon enough.

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