Spooky Stories: The Disappearing Photographs

©Stephen Mc Elligott

Every evening I pray the St.Michaels Chaplet but this evening was different. I wanted to take a photo and then post it up on social media inviting people to make prayer requests and I would pray for those intentions. I took my camera with memory card inside and took about 7 photos. On the last photo I played it back (proof the SD card recorded it) and zoomed in to check for some sharpness.

Satisfied with that I took the memory card from the camera and plugged it directly into my laptop. I fired up my photoshop software and went to import the photos. When I looked for the photos they were not there. I thought, “that was really strange, I know I took those photos”. I thought maybe there is something wrong with the computer and it’s not reading the card properly.

In order to prove my theory I pull the card from the computer, insert it back into the camera and hit the “playback” button for review and right enough all 7 photos were deleted from the camera…non existent. None of the other photos that were already on the SD card got deleted only those 7. I certainly didn’t manually delete them or do it by mistake because I think deleting 7 photos manually would be something I remember doing in such a short space of time.

I tell my son about it and he urges me to take another photo. I took just one photo and this time, it didn’t get deleted so the card is certainly not faulty as it’s hardly ever been used. Now we are trying to figure out if St.Michael doesn’t want his photograph taken, is sending me a message of not posting my prayer time on social media or if the old devil himself doesn’t want me praying for all of you.

What do you think is going on? We can be certain that Halloween has come early to this house.

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