5 Things Catholics Do That Don’t Help Their Deceased Loved Ones

1.Assume They’re In Heaven

In Ireland we have what is known as a “wake”. It’s where we lay out the deceased in a coffin in our homes for a few days and pray for them. At these events mourners will often say their loved ones are in heaven during the course of their conversation or that, “they’re in a better place”.

This type of chit chat is often done as a means to comfort the mourner, but it does very little for the deceased person who is probably burning in the fires of purgatory and in need of prayer but they’re not getting it. Instead what you have at wakes is people wandering around crying (understandable). But if prayer does not accompany the tears of sorrow mourning alone in this way does nothing to help the deceased.

2.Buy A Big Gravestone

Buying a lovely big gravestone may look really nice for the people visiting the grave, but again it means nothing to the deceased. I’ve seen really impressive gravestones but it seems like they exist to comfort the grieving family who had it handcrafted and placed there. Some say it is to “Honor their loved one” but what does that even mean? If placing a lovely headstone advanced their status in heaven I’d probably want one as a dying wish. But guess what? Honoring me when I’m dead does nothing for me.

3. Drink in their Honor

Many will go to the pub (or bar if you’re not Irish) and drink until they’re blue in the face and need an ambulance. They will dance around the coffin at the wake prior to the burial or do it at the grave in some instances. “Ah my old friend, here I drink to your name”. Have you ever heard such stupidity in all your days of living on this earth? The demons are in the background laughing at the poor soul who engages in this behaviour. Instead of Pouring alcohol on their grave how about quenching their thirst with a drop of Holy Water?

4.Leave food at the door for them

Yup, in Ireland some people offer food for the holy souls. If you think I’m making that up you’re dead wrong. This is what they do. Can you believe what you’re reading? I think there’s nothing worse than sitting in purgatory watching my best friend on earth leave a bowl of cornflakes at the door for me thinking that this helps my poor soul in agony. It is the one time where I would be begging God to let me haunt him for the night for that behaviour.

5.Erect A Big Statue Or Monument In Their Honor

This is very similar to the erection of an extravagant gravestone. You will see this behaviour from celebrities where they erect a statue to honor their memory. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that I quite enjoy them if they’re ones where the person contributed something godly to society but they don’t do anything for their souls. If anything the Lord abhors the culture of worshiping celebrities who take place of those we should be really honoring, the saints. Instead we are immersed in a world of self glorification and worship of one another. Go ahead and erect the statue or monument but it contributes nothing to them. Having your ego stroked in this world is about as useful as a hoover bag with a hole in it.

Did you enjoy this article? Are you one of these people? Time to change your ways then isn’t it?

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