Ireland Has Replaced The British Empire With Europe

Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay

Rome couldn’t tame us, the English couldn’t tolerate us, but the boys in Brussels along with the IMF hand us some money and we roll over in submission. We’ve replaced the English empire with the European one.

It’s proof that Ireland cannot live as an independent nation unless it’s willing to suffer extreme poverty. We’ve become such a servile country of social welfare recipients drunk on the handouts from Europe. This is a strategy intentionally planned and employed by governments knowing that once there’s food on the table the Irish will simply shrug away and dispense with their freedoms.

That’s how the English managed to destroy Scotland, by handing them money and estates which immediately put an end to any rebellion. It was so successful they even handed over William Wallace. Money is the order of the day in this world and people would rather have it than freedom.

The way in which the Irish have simply shrugged away their freedoms under the new covid19 lockdowns is nothing to be surprised at when the IMF are covering their losses. It will be interesting to see what happens when that money runs out? Then you will see a rebellion. But until then the Irish are happy to welcome a police state as long as it doesn’t rock the boat and take their bread from them.

We once were a nation of immovable freedom fighters who now binge on low IQ television programs. We’ve become a nation of murderers who abort their unborn before they ever make an appearance into the world. It’s a sad time to be Irish. God help us all.

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