The Real Reason Pubs Are Closed

Image by Christian_Birkholz from Pixabay

The Coronavirus has affected the whole world, but here in Ireland the response has differed somewhat from the rest of the planet.

The pubs have been closed for business since the first lockdown during the season of Lent. People are running around destroying the economy over a virus with a 98% chance survival rate. They’re sitting at home unable to enjoy worshiping the god of fashion in their shopping malls that have replaced the Christian Cathedral.

When the news broke I was so sad at the innocent deaths, yet such sorrow was mingled with joy to see the mercy of Gods justice give the country a slap on the wrist.

In fact, this isn’t Gods justice, this is demonic activity God has allowed simply because the world has turned its back on him. Would you hang around a household you’re not wanted in? Neither would I.

I’m not exaggerating either when I shouted and danced at the wonderful response from the Lord to us stupid little ants who think they run this joint.

The Irish people have very short memories. When I saw a publican burst into tears live on television, I laughed so hard my stomach near fell out. Why? Because just two years previous they dared to blaspheme the Lord and break with an Irish tradition. Yes, they opened up the pubs for public worship of the devil himself…alcohol. It was always a law to close not just pubs but most businesses and retail in Ireland on Good Friday.

Now, as a response to them butchering children in the womb, and celebrating so called gay marriages. In a response to their opening up the pubs on good Friday and all the retail, the Lord came tumbling down upon them so hard they don’t know which is their head and which is their arse. They’ve no idea where to look they’re so dazed, confused and bewildered at the sight of it all.

The Lord just decided, why pick on Ireland? Lets allow Satan to take the broom to the whole planet. Hey, they invited him in not Me. The irony is that the virus originated in an Atheist country. And in his Divine Wisdom he knew how each and every country would be affected and why.

It’s far from over. This is only the beginning.

I am so delighted humanity is being corrected. I feel sorry for those innocents who’ve died as a result of the human tyranny, but at the same time I envy the dead. Believe me, I’d rather be where they are being removed from this dark world than be here and present at what is to come.

Come Lord Jesus! You Are the King of Kings, and when they die and see you’re face the look of surprise on their faces will be priceless, please allow me to see it. Please forgive me my sins that I may get a good look at it all alongside you at the end of all this. May this lead to their repentance, Amen.

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