Strange Dream Of Great Grandmother and Graveyard 60 miles from where I live

Yesterday I had plans to visit the graves of my relatives. For this purpose I went to get the last bit of Holy Water from the tank in the local village Church. Shortly after my arrival home a lady contacted me concerning the very recent burial of her father over Christmas.

I took it as a sign he was looking for prayer so I explained I would pay him a visit at the graves. Then while sleeping last night and right before waking up, I had dreamt about the grave of my great grandmother Anne Reddan. I am in mount lawrence cemetary where she is buried but I didnt know I was so I look around for signs such as St.Johns Cathedral in the distance.

Not satisfied with this because I don’t know my way around Limerick city, I walk outside to check a sign on the wall which said, “St.Mount Lawrence Cemetary”. I remember going back inside, looking at the sea of graves and being overwhelmed with frustration at the prospect of never finding it.

I knew the grave number as being L224 from what the Limerick council told me some months ago but had no idea how to use that information to find it. Strange dream. Unfortunately the last time we were down I had not known where her grave was. It was not until after I came home did I discover it.

I feel she is looking for a drop of Holy Water and a visit, but I am too far from Limerick for that kind of trip. I will be back down there soon though Anne. x

There are many feasts in the Catholic tradition where most souls are released from purgatory throughout the year. One of them is All souls day but another is Christmas day.

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