Americas Presidential Dilemma

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are equally bad presidential candidates, but both have traits necessary for running a country we must agree.

Donald Trumps experience in running successful businesses around the globe has afforded him the talent to run a country. He performed much better than any president un U.S history in securing a good economy for the united states. The problem with Donald is that he an absolute rotten personality.

Joe Biden couldn’t run a sweet shop. He is too old for the presidency, but has a very professional personality expected of a president even if he’s faking it, (lets be honest most of them fake it). Unfortunately for the American public, they are just not getting the full package they deserve in a president. What America are looking for are the financial smarts of Donald trump combined with a professional diplomatic personality that gives America a good image.

Donald Trump has given America a bad name around the globe. He’s really destroyed their image as a professional nation capable of developing relationships with difficult people. But Joe is on track to destroying the nation and turning it into an extreme liberal socialist dump.

There’s no winners here just losers and the American public whether liberal or conservative are the biggest losers in this election. When will America get the full package they deserve? A well balanced, professional competent president seems a long way off doesn’t it?

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