Most Radical Catholics Are New Converts

Whenever I come across a radicalized Catholic who loves the Latin Mass, criticizes Vatican II and wants to live in the 4th century, a little investigation reveals they’re relatively new to the Church. They could have been from a completely different denomination in Christianity or they were baptized Catholics, lived a very secular life and have now rediscovered their faith.

The problem with conversion is that the spirits have been shaken. And in the midst of a persons conversion there’s lots going on, but one thing is certain and that is to say the Devil is angry. He sees a person go from a secular life suddenly grasp the teaching of the Church with all their heart. There are so many tricks up his sleeve to destroy them that we couldn’t possibly list them all here. But apart from things like false apparitions or spiritual burnout, one of the strategies employed by him is to slowly radicalize them.

Some peoples conversion is so intense that the Devil ends up pulling them so far to the right that they end up worse than they were before. Some get rid of the TV, deny their children video games and computers. Others wear clothes from 100 years ago and frequent Latin Masses.

They end up being led astray by radical Catholics who pull them into a sort of strict and even heretical interpretation of the faith. I say this because whatever about the heretical left in the Church there is nothing worse than a Holy overtly pious Catholic. The Devil knows this so he pulls them in that direction only because they’ve now abandoned the complete opposition direction.

If you’re a new convert I invite you to be careful of this. I’ve seen so many families be destroyed by this spirit of antiquity and rigidity disguising itself as something holy and good to the intellect. Remember that during your conversion God is pulling you one way, but the Devil is angry and he will be pulling you the other way.

It’s vital you read the right material or get a spiritual father or Holy lay person who himself is well balanced. But it’s difficult as some priests are very liberal and some are very radical and these priests often encourage people in the things they’re doing and thus make life worse for them. Therefore if you’re a new convert and reading this, pray to the Lord for a good spiritual director/father.

There are books available that will help you with this journey should it be hard to find the right spiritual father. I’m not nominating myself as a director but you’re welcome to contact me privately for these recommendations. Don’t allow yourself to be caught by the radical extreme Catholics which is mostly what happens new converts. Because while the lie of the left is quiet and sly in the Church, the radicals are more easily found as they’re more prevalent on YouTube, the pulpit from where they spit their poison.

Take care of yourself and remember that with the Devil, you are dealing with a being far superior to yourself in intelligence. Therefore, watch yourself. I’ll leave you with a quote from Archbishop fulton Sheen who said, “The Church will always be more modern than the modernist, and fundamental than the fundamentalist.”

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

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