Focus On Your Relationship With Christ Not Catholic Teaching

Bit of a shocking headline but before you petition the Bishop to excommunicate me let me explain. Over a decade ago when I was a young many in my very early 20’s I had a conversion. It rocked not just my world but of those of my family and the friends close to me. It was so intense for them that it even culminated in the Police being called. They took me to the station for questioning after my Brother made exaggerated false claims that I beat him up for teasing me about my conversion. I was questioned by the police on whether or not I was on drugs. They even called in the local Doctor. Eventually they released me. Eventually they dismissed my brothers exaggerated claims after I told them I just told them I grabbed him and told him to shut up.

My best friend comes in and sits down in the bedroom shortly after the whole affair because he wants to find out how mad I’ve become. When I confronted him about going back to the Church having told him my story, he literally does what every person does. He starts by giving me this big list about if he goes back to the Church does he need to accept the Churches teaching on homosexuality etc etc. And because he needs to accept this he can’t be a part of the Church.

I’ve had so many people do that. They put the horse before the cart. I’ve even witnessed Catholics tell others they’re not really Catholic because they don’t accept the Churches teaching on abortion, homosexuality and a whole load of other social issues readily accepted in the secular world. Nothing could be further from the truth, you’re always a Catholic even when you’re excommunicated.

Jesus takes people where they’re at. I too rejected the Churches social teachings but what I did first is I developed a relationship with Christ. I simply prayed and the closer I drew to Christ and the more I loved him the more sense did his teaching make. That’s how it works. When you love someone you become more open overtime to understanding and listening to the reasons why this or that is taught. Conversion is not an overnight process and it can take sometimes a lifetime to figure out. I know actual priests who don’t believe in Hell or the Devil. How insane is that? I know priests who think women can be ordained. It’s insane but first things first is a person even a priest, developing a True relationship with Christ, a True Life In God.

To live a True Life In God one must start with the small things like praying the rosary. Did you know before I ever went to Mass I prayed the Rosary for over a year? I never went to Mass. After a year of praying the rosary I went to Mass. Did you know that it took a long time for me to go to confession? In the midst of all this praying I drank and was abusive and I masturbated every day thinking nothing of it? But then, slowly all that began to slow down and come to a complete stop as my relationship with Christ developed.

This is why I urge evangelists and Non Catholics out there not to put your horse before the cart. Don’t look at the teaching so much as you should your relationship with Christ. Fix this first by praying and spending time by simply reading the Gospel. Go to Mass and spend time in adoration. I guess what I am saying is you should just come as you are to Jesus and don’t immediately think, “Oh it’s all cringe and I disagree with them on every social issue”. What matters is that you’re here and part of the battle to make it through the narrow door, a door many of us are still struggling to squeeze through because we are so overweight with sin.

Keep Calm, start the journey and see where it takes you. And if you’re Catholic and constantly berating people for not being Catholic because they don’t accept this or that teaching, STOP IT!

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