How To Make Lots Of Friends In No Time At All

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Today I saw a very unapologetic title for a book that popped up in my social media feed. I forget the author but the title read, “How to persuade anyone of anything”. I laughed at how sometimes they make their goal to emotionally manipulate others so obvious. All of us engage in this behaviour on a daily basis both to our own benefit and to others don’t we? We beg our wives to let us stay at the bar an extra hour and when she says no we complain. We respond saying, “You don’t care about my happiness” the idea being to slowly gnaw at her conscience in the hopes she’ll change her mind.

The same for those of us engaged in looking for friends. There are books written that actually teach you how to find them and then keep them. There are books on how to become well loved by everyone. All of the advice they give usually works. Humans are usually good at figuring one another out to a certain degree it’s pretty amazing. We are able to adapt to other people and get what we need. Consider the following parable.

A peasant once stood before the King and said, “How did you, once a peasant like me, become King?” The King stood up, parted his robes placing his hands on his hips responded cheerfully, “Oh, well, I just agreed with everyone”. “Oh come off it Your Majesty” Scoffed the peasant so daringly. With all due respect how on earth did you become King just by agreeing with everyone? that’s ridiculous.” The King stood up in surprise at the peasants challenge and said, “Yes, you’re right, I agree with you, how did I become King just by agreeing with everyone? That’s ridiculous.”

You see? That’s how you do it. Just go with the flow and agree with everyone and you will benefit greatly from it all. Whatever the popular trendy thing is, just do it and watch your friend list grow. Bow down before the idol of modern philosophy and you will be raised as a priest to worship in its temple with all the benefits that come from the promotion. And who knows, one day. . . you might become King?

If however you want to be Christian you can forget all that. Be prepared to be hated even by the priests and the religious as Christ was. You’re not going to get along with anyone not even your own mother and father. In fact they are viewed by the Lord merely as vessels for his true children, for He is your real Father and Mary your real Mother. Oh yes, it’s going to get very messy indeed so messy in fact that you will eventually end up being Crucified and hung on a cross as Jesus was. Abandoned by all his friends left to suffer the flagellation surrounded only by his enemies.

That is what it means to be a King. That is what is required of us if we want to be a REAL King and not some puppet in a robe with a few material rings on his fingers shouting the odds. Where is King Herod now? Where is his legacy and his castle and his robes? Where is the Pharaoh? Where is this Roman Empire who once thought it ruled the world? Where are all their friends?

Alas for you when the world speaks well of you ! This was the way their ancestors treated the false prophets.


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