Prayer And Vitamin D

Prayer is like Vitamin D, it’s effective right away, but it has to build up in our system if we want to truly experience its powerful influence in our lives. There is the Vitamin D that keeps us physically healthy and lots of us are running to the Doctor concerned with our physical well being. Then there is the spiritual vitamin D we call prayer that we often neglect.

Taking Vitamins and prayer require the individual to develop a habit of it. If we drop the habit of taking our Vitamin D we leave ourselves susceptible to all sorts of nasty viruses. It’s the same when we abandon prayer, our spiritual immunity lowers and the gates are opened for the demons to wreak havoc on our lives. This often happens me when either I forget to pray or willfully through laziness don’t pray at all.

Just like there are days when I forget to take my fish oil, there are days when I forget to pray or willfully indulge in watching a movie leaving prayer out all together. If that in itself becomes a regular habit, before you know it, I’m not praying at all and then I run into trouble just as if I don’t take my medicine. And how much more important the eternal soul over the body? Yet time and time again we fall victim to our human stupidity and never engage in it. A vicious cycle broken only by sheer will and the assistance of Gods Grace for sometimes the Kingdom of Heaven is taken by force and by force we get in.

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