I Don’t Want To Work For The Catholic Church

Over the years I’ve had everyone ask me why it is I don’t work or even volunteer for the Church or develop a faith based career. The reason for not doing voluntary work, and you may find this surprising, is that I don’t get along with Catholics. I find them more difficult to live beside than the general public never mind work in close proximity to them. It’s not because I have a high horse I sit on, but precisely because I am weak that I choose to avoid. . . well. . . every one I possibly can outside of work.

I also do not like using the Church as a means to make a profit. Anything I ever do for the Church I do it in addition to what I like to call “a real job”. It is also done for free or on a donation basis. For example, if I wrote a theological book, I would pay the publisher but the book would be free and I’d not profit from it. There have been examples of people citing St.Paul to justify their career in the Church but rarely do they ever quote the fact he himself did everything for nothing and that he was referring to priests (ministers) not laity with regards to donations.

They also neglect to inform the world that anyone who has apparitions or supernatural experiences are judged if genuine by whether or not they’re making any form of profit from the Church. One rule for Careerist Catholics and another for those touched by the supernatural it seems. It’s such hypocrisy but that’s mother Church, full of the imperfect, perfect and everything in between.

I don’t want to work for the Church, I want to work for Christ. Right now I’m aiming at a salary of 600 dollars a week in my real job. Not even if I was given 1000 dollars a week to work in the Church would I give up my real job. I like to imitate St.Paul as he did Christ. He had a simple job making tents and offered the Gospel for free everywhere he went working to convert others in addition to his real job. People donated and he encouraged this which is fine, but beyond this I find the whole careerist book writers, theological seminar givers and online media outlets (purportedly Catholic some of them) to be abhorrent. And the biggest offenders in this group are Americans. I’m referring to the laity based ones of course, not ordained priests and Bishops like the wonderful Bishop Barron.

I could just do without the headache of working for the Church. I find more peace sitting at the back of the bus than I do at the front. I had one woman approach me and said, “We are going to make you famous because of your great photography. ” I don’t want to be famous. I don’t want to draw attention to myself and find peace in being unknown and longing for death to come. If this blog were to take off tomorrow I’d delete it. Call it a divine indifference if you will, but that’s how I like to approach the faith. I write this blog mostly for a short audience in the hopes that I find someone NEW. I’m always looking for new people. I always make it a point to reach out to new sheep, that’s my life.

The other week I had a woman come to me who had not been to confession in 20 years. When she accepted my invitation to go and I saw her returning to Church the feeling was the same as if you or someone else would have winning a Billion dollars. If presented with a billion dollars over converting someone you just know what I’d choose. That’s how much souls mean to me. I’ve no time for making money from the existing choir and being part of some little click group in the Church that like to confer itnellectual honors upon one another and crown each other with titles such as “Journalist” or “Filmmaker”.

At the end of my days I’m afraid of standing before the Lord and saying, “But I wrote all these theological books in your name. I was a journalist in your name, I made films and was a photographer in your name.” Only for Jesus to say to me, “Away with you, I do not know you.” Yikes. My teeth are chattering just thinking about it. No thanks, keep your Church career, as it’s a mere illusion from the Devil that takes us away from the real job St.Paul signed up for which is that of saving souls.

Image by Werner Heiber from Pixabay

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