Never Admit Defeat

Lately I’ve been suffering with very bad IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome). It has for years, been that thorn in my side. There are many physical weaknesses and first world problems I have and IBS would be top of the list.

Last night was particularly bad and just as I lit my candles and made the intention to pray my routine, a severe attack developed. I wanted to give up. I was about to blow out the candles and throw in the towel on this one figuring that I’m going to be too tired and in pain to pray tonight. In my usual weakness that is how it goes for me, I tend to give in.

But this particular night was different and as I sat on the toilet cramping real bad I prayed the rosary. By the time the rosary was over the pain had slightly dissipated. I was exhausted but determined to complete my nightly routine and so prayed the St.Michael’s Chaplet at my icon wall. After this I prayed be long version of St.Michael’s prayer, the three prayers of Novena to the Sacred heart, memorare to Our Lady and St.Michael’s short version prayer. I started cramping again so I decided to push on and finish my Bible reading followed by a reading of the true life in God messages.

The cramps were present and so I quickly flipped through the pages saying, “Something short and quick Lord, guide me to something you want me to read I gotta get going, so a few words will do.”

I opened and to my surprise it landed on a sentence in my Bible I had previously highlighted over the years. It was from the 1st book of Corinthians 15:58, “Never give in then, my dear brothers, never admit defeat.”

I went to bed overjoyed at the Lords encouragement which I did not deserve for all my complaining. It’s true though, sometimes we think our prayers during times when we are in so much pain that we can’t focus on them properly are useless. But maybe when we don’t admit defeat, when we don’t give into our weaknesses and temptations, that’s when they mean the most to God?

God bless.

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