Unless We Unite Against Atheism It Will Overtake Us

Many of us in Ireland complained about Muslims defying the lockdown and going to pray over the last few weeks without being arrested. But you know what we didn’t do? We didn’t praise their courage for doing opening up.

Secondly we didn’t observe the difference between their culture and ours, how they are not as willing to bow down to anyone who dares to dictate they can’t worship the one True God.

Now is a time for all religions to unite against this wave of atheism, because a divided house cannot stand. Many religions please the Lord in some way because they show a desire to at least search for him and look to a higher being other than themselves.

This makes us all a family in the eyes of the Lord. He does, however, loathe atheism. Do you remember Lord of the rings? The Elves, men and dwarves all hated one another.

Everyone in that movie had a different way of life and looking at the world yet were united in the same goal of desiring peace. And only by uniting with one another could the singular evil that had been threatening to overcome them all be defeated.

It’s time for people of all religions in the west to put aside their differences and unite against this tyrannical force called atheism. The Islamic community are already leading by example while the pushover Europeans are sitting back and taking it. Instead of berating them, lets recognize their courage instead. Where are the fighting Irish?

7 thoughts on “Unless We Unite Against Atheism It Will Overtake Us

  1. Well, this has to be the silliest thing I’ve read in a long time. Religions who hate each other and who insist each other deserve eternal torture are exhorted to join together against the atheists.
    The selfishness and ignorance of some theists shouldn’t be surprising to me but it always is. I saw that selfish and ignorance when I was a Christian. Theists often act like spoiled brats, demanding their way, and again attacking each other to get it. You no more believe that the Muslims are right than I do.

    Doesn’t your god say not to yoke yourself with those you don’t agree with? And that is a jealous god who wants ever other worshipper gods dead? Revelation is quite clear on that insanity.

    Religions are failing since they have no evidence that they are true. Each theist makes up their own god which unsurprisingly reflects them; there is no objective morals coming from any of these gods. Theists love to claim that their own morals are what their god approves of.

    No evidence that your god exists, much less “loathes” atheism. For all of this supposed “loathing”, this god is evidently impotent. And Roman Catholics, Protestants, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Muslims, Hindus, etc all hate each other quite nicely. You’ve murdered each other over whose imaginary friend is the right one.

    Secular law have been the only thing to keep you all from murdering each other. You are nothing more than a hypocrite.

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    1. No, You’re right. I don’t believe the Muslim religion is right anymore than you do but that was not the point I was making. The point I’m getting across is that we should not focus on what divides us but what unites us. Indeed we can sit and argue our theological differences but when it comes to protecting our right to religious freedom we need to stand united in that regard. As for secular law, I’ve studied the world of the crusades in which Muslims and Christians, although there has always been tension between the two, when the dust settled worshipped in the same area as one another. Secular law actually takes most of it’s multilingual and multicultural principles from religious people. That’s the thing about atheist politics, other than communism and socialism, it’s got nothing original to offer the world.


      1. there is nothing that unites you. Secular law is without religious nonsense in it. And no secular law does not take its base is from religious nonsense. It eliminates it so idiots aren’t trying to kill each other over what their god supposedly said.

        Alas, dear, atheism is just a conclusion that there are no gods. It has nothing to do with communism or socialism. Those economic ideals took the idea of atheism as a great way to eliminate any other “masters” that might occupy their members. However, there are plenty of atheist capitalists, anarchists, libertarians, etc.

        and there is not one thing original about Christianity. And even if there were, originality makes nothing true.


      2. Of course there is something that unites us and one of those main things is our worship of the one true God. Sure, our theological understanding of that one true God differs but it is our believe in God that nevertheless unites us.

        Of course secular law takes its lead from religion, that’s common knowledge even from well educated outspoken atheists that don’t belong to the irrational mud slinging types we get on our TV screens.

        Those communist economic ideals were developed by atheists. There are plenty of atheist Capitalists but communism is a perfect example of what happens these capitalists when they’re given all that power, they just can’t help themselves. Bloodshed is where Atheism leads in the end, and any state ever built on Atheism has always failed or become the most hated country in the world like North Korea for example.


      3. Belief in a god that contradicts other gods is not “uniting”. Again, nice to see you try to pretend that theists haven’t been murdering each other for millennia over their gods. Your god says it is jealous of other gods. Are you claiming that the bible is lying?

        And you’ve yet to show that secular law takes its lead from religion. Do show where secular law makes idiotic claims that some god gives these laws as objective morality. Do show where any “educated outspoken atheist” says this. And I do love when Christians try to lie and claim that atheists who disagree with them are “irrational” and “mud slinging”.

        Wow, you are terribly ignorant on where the idea of communism came from, Stephen. No, it wasn’t from atheists. Indeed your supposed Jesus was quite the communist, pooling resources, giving everyone their share.

        And it’s absolutely hilarious that you think communism comes from capitalism.

        Alas, you cannot show that atheism leads to bloodshed at all. North Korea, Russia, etc are lead by dictators, who may or may not be atheists. I am an atheist, but I am not a dictator. It’s not an automatic thing like Christians would like to lie about.


  2. To a relative who believes in atheism: I explained: To believe that this life is all there is, that upon death, all ends, means that from the point of death, there is no existence. That means, no matter what you’ve done, no matter what friends you’ve made, no matter what family you have, no matter what wonderful memories, you’ll never ever be able to look back upon, for you’ll no longer be. You’ll never have a waking thought, never be aware of anything, and all who remember you will also one day be gone, so all memories will end. When this planet has ended, all will be lost. And you’ll never ever be again, forever gone. As if we never existed. That’s the hope of atheism. Nothing.

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