The Problem With Jordan Peterson

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The problem with Jordan Peterson is that like most new age gurus, he often says everything and yet at the same time, nothing at all. Great orators and minds like Jordan have been around for centuries so he’s nothing new in that regard. The world needs someone to follow right now because the leftism is becoming tiresome for many (me included). Such is the small voice of those who don’t share these neo-Marxist views that someone like Peterson becomes a breath of fresh air.

Peterson doesn’t like anyone pigeon holing him into being committed to a political group nor when they confront him about his belief in God does he hold much admiration for the question. Sometimes I wonder if that is him being honest about himself or part of his plan to market himself to a wider audience, because he is after all in the business of making money.

I often find he tends to develop a shroud of mysteriousness about what he really thinks in order to appeal to a wider audience. It’s a strategy I don’t begrudge him, but his explanation for it I’m not so committed to trust either.

Don’t get me wrong, I like to listen to the guy. I’m of the belief that if God can speak to us through the mouth of a donkey in the old testament why not that of Jordan Peterson? However, much of what he says, at least for Christians and those of the apostolic successive kind, his musings are not without criticism.

For example in a video shared by a friend, I listened to him talk about belief in God. Long story short he concludes that belief in God is not something you confess with the lips but something you act out. He said a person who commits horrible acts or sins yet says he believes in God, more to the point he is a priest, such belief doesn’t seem plausible. Therefore you’re not a believer because you don’t act on what you believe. Seems quite plausible but it’s not entirely wholesome.

Belief in God is more than confessing with the lips and acting on what you believe. God gave us believers the sacrament of confession for a reason, and that is because the journey of belief, although we are called to the highest perfection, is not one of perfection. It’s very important for people to understand that because you fall into sin that this doesn’t mean you don’t believe in God.

A believer is more than just a person who confesses God and acts out what he believes but someone who fights and owns up to his brokenness. You can fall and still be a believer by virtue of the fact that you’re willing and have committed yourself to the fight and admitted the truth that you’re no saint. St.Peter whose rock like faith was evident for all to see in scripture was an example of this. It’s why Jesus called him a rock because of his firm belief in God and unshakeable character.

This is why people need to practice caution when approaching people like Peterson because there’s a sucker born every minute and you don’t want to be one of them. There are moments when we lose our senses and ability to be capable of critical and objective thinking because the person we are listening to just sounds so sweet and delectable.

With the likes of Russell Brand and Peterson we tend to eat up the crumbs of truth they come out with without ever seeing the elephant in the room. I’m a sales person and I’m aware that it’s all too easy for people to buy from me simply because they like me, it doesn’t matter if what I’m selling is of no use to them.

We’ve all been there before where we automatically believe another person because of the size of his turban, the length of his beard and his exotic Indian accent being too mesmerizing to resist. All I’m saying is, without the Grace of God, the foolishness of human wisdom is always plain to see.

God is able to reach everyone through anyone he desires, but it’s always with respect to that persons free will. What I mean to say is that Jordan’s sinful disposition often clouds or restricts the Holy Spirit from acting fully through him and therefore we get crumbs of truth, but not the whole loaf of bread that the bellies of our souls may be fully satisfied.

4 thoughts on “The Problem With Jordan Peterson

  1. HI Stephen, I agree with your post. We need to be careful of what we put in our minds, either someone’s speech, a movie, a book, etc. If the person giving the speech, making the movie, or writing the book is not submitted to God, and lead by the Spirit of God then who or what is directing their thoughts and creativity? James 4:7 states, “Submit to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” I content, that if you are not submitted to God’s love and authority in your life, then Satan is having his way with you. This is why people like Jordon Peterson are so dangerous. Full-disclosure, I listen to him and so does my husband, but my radar is up. And your right, he says a lot of nothing that somehow makes sense. Let’s pray for him instead of judging him. God Bless, Joyce


    1. Hi Joyce you’re very right. The purpose of this post is not to Judge him but rather offer a commentary on what he says and to spark within others a willingness not to be so gullible and to always question the intention of others. We may not know the secrets of anothers heart or their intentions but we must not let this prevent us from talking about the possible intentions of others and their motives and to do so with respect.

      Believe it or not, Satan has his way with everyone. After all it was the most religious people of his day who had him crucified and persecuted him throughout the Gospel. But I do agree with the message you’re trying to get across.

      God bless.


  2. Hi Stephen, an interesting post I listen to a lot of Jordan Peterson because I do think his youtube blogs are interesting and I always learn something new. The comment “he often says everything and yet at the same time, nothing at all” is how I often felt with his first book. e He says a lot of information but very difficult to extract what I learned from all of it. His lectures and public speaking events are better in the sense that it is understandable, where his books often talk about everything but nothing at the same time. I think when thinking of great orators, I tell myself that I need to listen more intently and critically because it is easy to ride the wave!

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    1. He’s a well read, well learned individual with a talent for orating what is common sense to us all. But that’s about it. He’s got the diagnosis and packages it in only a way he can according to his great talent, but he offers no solution to the problem. But you know sometimes simply making people aware of the problem can in itself be some sort of solution. So he’s not a total flop and I’m certain God has used him to reach a wide audience of people to try and wake this world up. If God can speak through the mouth of a donkey in the Old Testament and bring Moses up using Pharaoah to raise and educate his future prophet why can’t he use someone irreligious like Peterson? That said it’s important for us not to become engrossed by Peterson. He’s not much different than the sophists of centuries ago who tend to babble a load of nonsense, then speak sense, then speak nonsense again and then speak sense and it’s never ending cycle of sense and nonsense. haha. Thanks for the comment. P.S Christ is the solution.

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