The Problem With Immigration And Multicultural Societies

Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay

Multicultural societies is nothing old and as far as the world has began to turn they’ve been among us. In some countries it is controlled and used as a force for good, but on others it has been used as a strategy by Kings to punish nations and flush out their religious and cultural ethos. In the times of Israel when it became divided into two lands, the north going into schism with Judah the south, it was invaded first by pagan Assyrians and then Babylonians.

They decided to mix the races in the north and thus they became a very heathen, pagan society that held onto to some semblance of its religious Judaic roots (does this sound like an Ireland you live in today?). They are known as the Samaritans in the Gospel of Jesus and the Jews hated them so much and viewed them as a bastard race of people who did not have the fullness of Judaic Orthodoxy.

The Assyrians and Babylonians done this on purpose in order to destroy Judaism by breeding the religion and culture out them through the introduction of new cultures along with their paganism. It was successful for thousands of years and it created great division more than it did unification.

The freemasonic orders and other secular secret societies who are openly anti-Catholic and are the Judges, politicians and elite business men of our country have employed this strategy 20 or so years ago in Ireland. Their whole mind is bent on the destruction of Irish Catholicism. If you add to this the anger that the sex scandals introduced you can see why the demise happened so quickly. The idea was to flush out Irelands race, religion and cultural ethos and bury it for good with the introduction of different cultures and religions.

Once these religions alien to Christianity come in, over time they would start calling for Ireland to drop its Catholic traditional ways to appeal to a new multi-religious and multi-cultural society that respects everyone’s religious choices and cultural backgrounds.

We’ve had people wanting to ban the Angelus here. It’s a long time televised tradition that appears on TV daily. We’ve had Muslims in Europe being offended by the sight of a crucifix in schools so they’ve had to cover them up. They want to schools to teach people about all religions and to stop them being Catholic.

The foreign people they use for this purpose are pawns in the greater game of chess that wants to checkmate Christianity and trap the King of Kings. The problem is, when I speak like this, I’m often labelled a far right racist bigot. I’m anything but this, in fact I’m the total opposite and I often criticize the far right extreme who reject immigration and people coming to Ireland.

I show them how the Christian Crusaders, once the dust had settled and they took Jerusalem, had multicultural societies where it was not uncommon for Muslims and Christians to live together. The people within these societies spoke different languages too. And it worked the other way around when the Muslims took back Jerusalem. Therefore this idea that multicultural societies don’t work and that controlled or all immigration is bad is ridiculous.

What is the problem then, and why does it appear that I’m sending mixed messages? The problem is when you overwhelm a society and replace one culture with another that will inevitably become the dominant one. We need controlled immigration where the culture of the country and it’s religious ethos is not threatened. The problem arises when you use multiculturalism as a weapon to destroy a culture and religion which is what the Assyrians and Babylonians did to the Jews, and the same thing is happening to Ireland today.

What I always encourage is that people of every race, culture and religion do not allow their differences to divide them during this social experiment for which they’re being shamefully used. And we are being used. Black, white, Muslim and Christians all used in a big experiment by the elites who are using this multiculturalism to put an end to Catholic Ireland and Christian Europe. If you dare talk about it you’re labelled a racist and they shout you down. I suppose you could say they have society and the Catholic faith cornered and the whole racist card is a scapegoat they use as a cover which those civilians with an IQ no higher than the size of their shoes will buy into.

What is the solution to all this? We must as Christians use it as an opportunity to love our neighbours and do not allow the Devil convince you that the foreigner is the enemy. He is not the enemy, he is your brother regardless of his religious or cultural upbringing.

He has come from a country to ours to escape a very brutal economy back in his own that nobody will be fixing any time soon. We should welcome him with open and loving arms and do the Christian thing. Many of the greatest doctors in the world are Muslims and Africans. It was Muslims and Africans who delivered my children in the Hospital. It was a Muslim who gave me free medicine when I needed it. They are not the enemy.

We must not forget that the Irish and Europeans have spread out all over the world and were welcomed in many countries. I myself recently done my ancestry tree and discovered I am of Anglo-Norman origins. Therefore this idea that I’m anti-immigration is not true. But, you see those societies of old were controlled and they did not allow another culture and different religion more dominant than itself overwhelm it. It’s quite different to what is taking place today.

Put it into perspective, if you’re on a small island and there’s only 1000 of you who are Muslim and 30,000 Christians come along and move in, would your society still be Muslim? Perhaps for a while yes but pretty soon it’s going to absorb that 30k, integrate with them and become Christian. Not only this but it would be perceived as an invasion and given a hostile response.

We, therefore, although we are aware this open border strategy is being used as a weapon by a small band of rich elite to flush Christianity out, must use this as an opportunity to love and preach the Gospel. At the same time, we must pray to the Lord and let things run their course and not protest too much. The culture is too asleep and blind to what’s happening to it and so even posts like this one are received with the greatest hostility. It’s pointless going out with your placard and protesting it. Prayer and fasting is the only solution.

What we have in Ireland today is what the Babylonians did to the Jews thousands of years ago. We have a nation that’s been torn apart by excessive immigration. It no longer wants the religion it was born into but practices cheap paganism. It indulges in the neo paganism of worshipping angel cards and chrystals. It loves Yoga, mindfulness and there’s a good bit of Atheism agnosticism and all sorts of things going on.

While doing all this Irish society, like the Jews has maintained some sort of cultural tie to the Catholic faith, but has lost all of the inner power of religion and chosen to depart from its faith and morals. It thinks it did this of its own accord. It’s aborting and contracepting itself out of existence while those coming here from different countries maintain their cultural tradition of having many children.

What do you think is going to happen? It will take many years as it did with the Jews but eventually they will become the dominant force in Europe. Take a look at Belgium, there’s that many Muslims there they’ve even got their own political party.

Yes every man is responsible for his own life and the choices he makes, but it was a choice made under the influence of a smart group of people themselves under the influence of a darker invisible force they’re mostly ignorant of. It was also an own goal by the Church whose mishandling of the sex abuse accelerated the demise of the country at a speed unprecedented in the history of cultures that turn away from their host religion.

In times like this, it is better to pray than to complain. Complaining gets you nowhere. Observe the problem, but try to avoid complaining because Gods plan is to allow the world think it has won. He did it with Pharaoh. He made his heart stubborn and toyed around with him. He made him think that he had won and just when he thought this was the case he got swallowed up by the sea and God was victorious.

The people following Moses when they reached the sea also thought this must be the end for them. They lost faith in God and their new found prophet. They must have even thought he was a crazy mad man and should have stayed in Egypt, but then the waters opened and God surprised them. It’s the same with us.

Catholicism and Christianity is cornered. We are at the edge of the cliff staring into the sea and watching this very aggressive anti-Catholic culture coming to destroy us. We are complaining, losing faith in God and the people he has put over us to shepherd us through the wilderness. But a time is coming, when God will part the sea, and we will emerge again on the other side victorious with the Lord.

Those who have hounded Christianity and persecuted us, will be swallowed up by the ocean but it’s not something we rejoice over, for they were our brothers and sisters too.

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