Only Through Suffering And Great Discomfort Can We Be Healed

Image by Emmanuel Mendez from Pixabay

Suffering is a cycle we all must endure. Everyone wants to escape the Circus of suffering at the centre of which is the clown. The clown is me and you in all our red-nosed comedic glory. We are forever tripping over our big clumsy shoes that is our ego and the worst part is we are not aware of these shoes. We are not even aware that we are a clown and the laughing stock of those who have escaped the circus long ago.

We’ve built a house for ourselves sheltered by the bricks of our own self love, egoism and beliefs that we feel certain hold together our sanity. We are like agoraphobics afraid to go beyond the brick and mortar of this world we’ve become accustomed to in order to breathe in the fresh air of Gods grace. Standing in the light means we must confront the reality of the illusion we’ve so freely embraced. As a result, remaining in the dark enjoying the short lived pleasures of life seems much more preferable to any liberation.

It is a house built on rock, but not the rock of truth, rather, the immovable rock of stubborn incredulity. And houses like that are not easily renovated and transformed from their former ugliness to something more livable. “I’m fine the way I am. Life is good.” Haha. Don’t believe them.

I never believe anyone who tells me they’re happy and don’t need God. The truth is they’re miserable, we all are miserable little creatures hopping and dancing to someone else’s tune. “I can think for myself”. Another ludicrous statement. If you could think for yourself you wouldn’t be who you are today. Nobody ever thinks for themselves, somebody always does the thinking for them.

The only power we have is to use our will to choose what to believe and reject. Sometimes we don’t even have that as we always seem to borrow our religious and secular beliefs from the country we are born in. We absorb from society everything it believes and then we make our own mind up later in life about what we want to do with that.

That’s the only power we have but as for thinking for oneself? Ha! Rubbish! If you said, “I can choose for myself” that would be more palatable to the intellectual stomach of reasoning, but “think” for yourself? Ha! You’re insane!. You’re thinking process is always the product of another’s influence. Even now, you’re in danger of being gullible and mopping up every word I say.

That’s not to say you’re believing in rubbish. Not everything you’ve learned from others is lies, but you can be 99% certain you were born blind and living a lie even if you’re a Christian. This was the reason Jesus healed the man born blind in the Gospel. He was a Jew but still blind. Jesus didn’t heal him for fun, there was always a more significant deeper meaning behind the reason for why Jesus healed. He wanted us to focus on the greater blindness of our souls.

He was alerting us to the fact that we are all blind, limp and lame. We are all born into this world blind to the pleasurable abyss the devil holds out for us. It is a spiritual blindness that can only be cured by the dirt of suffering and Gods grace. I mention dirt because this is what God uses to rub on the blind mans eyes which in my opinion symbolizes the necessary discomfort we must experience prior to seeing God.

As the man in the Gospel begins to open his eyes, notice he doesn’t see right away. It’s a gradual thing that happens over time. Again, this means that the journey of healing and repentance doesn’t happen at the drop of a hat. That’s not to say God cannot make it happen at the drop of a hat, he has and often does. But such is rare and for the most part, repentance and awareness is a process that takes time before the eyes of our soul become fully opened to reality not of the sinfulness of the world, not the ego of the world, but the world that lives within us.

I’m always hearing people say, “Yeah, I’m so woke to the world and the rich elite and all their doing”. HAHAHAHA. Absolute fools!!! You’re not woke, you’re blind as a bat. You never hear them saying, “I’m so woke to my own doing, my own greed and sinfulness”. Woke indeed.

When we discover this, when the bricks of our house are taken out in singular form and in gradation, suddenly such a world becomes easier to accept. In the new age world of mindfulness, Hinduism and all the other isms, we are thought to run away from suffering. But in the Christian world, the dirt of discomfort, the suffering is actually something we embrace and look for because only through hardship and toil can we expect the wages of Gods friendship and consolation.

The idea that you can end or escape suffering in this world is a spiritual delusion. We cannot end it, but we can through Gods grace, transform our approach and attitude towards it. I’m suddenly thinking of the story of the Christian thrown to the mercy of the gladiators in the Colosseum. She was so full of ecstasy she took his sword and guided it towards her neck in anticipation of suffering martyrdom for the greater glory of seeing Christ.

If we want to be with Christ in this world now we must say YES to the crucifixion of our ego, self love and sinful ways. We must be willing to be stripped of our garments of all those little beliefs that serve only to keep the house of insanity intact rather than bind together our sanity. “I’m happy”. No you’re not, you’re miserable and only through admitting your misery can you take the next step to healing.

And that is the first step, to admit we are blind. What separates the blind man from me and you is that at least he was aware of it. Without this awareness he could never be cured. It is the same with us. We must become aware of our blindness if we are to be cured. Without this we remain in the misery and delusion that we can see.

Only through the Cross of Christ and meeting with the dirt in our soul, can we ever be in with a chance of being healed of it. And, you know, it’s not nice is it? It’s not nice having to look in the mirror and meet with a new way of looking at the world and a new way of looking at the self. My wife is so weirded out by the fact that in my small town a really healthy and hip restaurant opens up and yet people still choose to queue up at McDonalds.

You know why? Because it tastes better, they just prefer to stick to what it is they’re used to. That’s my explanation. Just give me the same old same old stuff. Cut off your nose to spite your face is the only way that I can sum that one up. Sin tastes better. Yeah, I know it’s better for you but tastes so good just like this dirty greasy burger. It feels good to gossip about others. It feels so good to get angry and become jealous of another. You wouldn’t be “normal” if you didn’t. That’s no joke. That is what people say. “You wouldn’t be normal if you didn’t indulge in this or that.”

It’s actually the other way around and they’ve no idea of how abnormal they really are. But they’re enjoying the blindness. They’re enjoying the four walls of stupidity that surrounds them, so why wake them up from it? Go ahead and try to convert them and watch what happens. I’ve lost so many friends trying until I realized how stupid I looked even entertaining the idea. They become so angry. “LEAVE ME ALONE TO ENJOY MY WORLD“. In the end, all you can do is leave them alone. Give up! “Work out your own salvation” as Saint Paul advised. Shake the dust from your sandals and go onto the next town and be done with it.

It’s like when a man whose just won the lottery and asks you to join in on his happiness so he offers you half of his winnings to get you started. Instead of accepting the gift you refuse it and say no. Insane right? That is what it is like for the saints. They approach us and hand it all to us on a plate but we say no. They look at us in such confusion and never quite understand our inability to comprehend the gift just as Jesus did.

 “If only you had known on this day what would bring you peace! But now it is hidden from your eyes.” Luke:1942

There lies the problem. We don’t know and are unable to see through the layer of muck the devil has pasted over our eyes or the lies we’ve freely embraced. Only when we decide we’ve had enough of the muck and chosen to cross the desert of discomfort that leads to the Oasis of Gods grace can we ever be truly liberated from the world. This Holy week when we look at the Cross, lets think about it and ask God to make us aware of our blindness, to own up to our stupidity that we may then be healed of it.

In this post you were insulted quite a bit. you’re a fool, you’re blind etc etc. Jesus did the same in the Gospel, he created such an atmosphere of discomfort for some of his listeners to the point where they wanted to throw him off a cliff. That’s how much people cling to the “old ways” of doing things. They’ve got no time for the new and it’s often met with the greatest of hostility. What I’m asking of you now is, don’t be one of those people. Embrace the discomfort and be prepared, always ready, to crucify the old you.

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