It Is O.K To Disagree With Pope Francis

With the amount of criticism being directed towards our saintly Pope Francis, many Christians loyal to him are unsure about even disagreeing with him. The reason for this is because there is a fear of being seen as joining in with the ultra right fundamentalist voices who are relentless in their persecution of him.

We must remember that all the Popes are human and entitled to their opinions. They are allowed hold certain theological views and must be allowed to express them in the absence of being viewed as a corrupt Pope.

A person can disagree with a Pope on many issues if they like but it must be done with the utmost respect for the Petrine office and the Holy Father himself. There are some Christians who unwittingly harass anyone who disagrees with the Pope as a hater of his or they’re not true Catholics. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I disagree with the Pope on several issues. The Pope believes the story of Adam and Eve is fictional to describe how the world began and he favours evolution theories. I don’t agree with that at all. The Pope believes in climate change. . . I don’t.

The Pope doesn’t feel that the Church should give St.Mary the title of Co-Redemptrix, for fear people will not misunderstand the term. I don’t agree with that at all and believe Mary should be given this title officially.

I love the Pope and I am known to quote him almost daily in my social media circles. He is in my opinion a wonderful modern breath of fresh air to our Church. His saintly behaviour of tending to the Homeless, looking after the migrants, driving rubbish cars and preferring not to sleep in the Vatican palace are proof that this Pope was chosen by the Lord to lead the Church.

With that in mind, it’s perfectly O.K to disagree with him on any issue you like because guess what? We are a Church that’s supposed to thrash out all these ideas and opinions. If we didn’t do that then we would never had been able to hold any councils. I enjoy the fact that the Pope expresses his opinion even if I feel strongly that it is erroneous. It’s perfectly O.K by me and it only reinforces his genuine and honest Jesuit way.

Don’t be afraid to disagree with him, just don’t be insulting or attack him that’s all that is required of us. It’s not that hard to understand is it?

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