Raising Children In The New Sodom And Gomorrah

One morning as my wife lamented the place and town where we live I explained it was like Sodom and Gomorrah. I told her we’ve lasted longer than Lot and his wife did in a society that is by far worse than the hedonistic and criminal cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. You could only imagine our shock when on arrival at Church when that story was the first reading at the Divine Liturgy.

We’ve been currently working to escape the living conditions we are in at the moment. Our estate looks beautiful, it has a great image. It’s close to the sea and situated in one of the wealthiest villages in Ireland far different from where I grew up. Even so, all of the neighbours and their kids are from the area I grew up and far from being religious their kids are naturally of similar character. I cannot allow my kids on the street to mix with them, because having tried it allowing my better judgment to be overwhelmed by my good natured self, all sorts of bad stuff happened.

The children make fun of my kids for being Christian and when one day a bunch of kids jumped my 7 year old son and beat him up, that’s when I finally had it. After giving out to the kid and his father, I resolved to keep my children in the backyard and take them to designated areas in the car to ride their bikes and to get exercise. Usually they meet up with like minded children when Covid19 lockdowns were not a thing in Ireland, but that also has proven impossible.

I’ve had to teach my sons, using St.Paul as an example, that not all kids are going to receive your enthusiasm for Jesus with great joy. There is a segment of society in Ireland that do not welcome Christianity and are very hostile towards the whole idea. I had to explain that while this doesn’t prevent you from speaking about Jesus, when you speak about him must be practiced with caution for we are also taught by Jesus not to give to dogs what is holy or the pearls of the faith for people to openly trample upon them.

This scripture means giving the Sacraments to the uninitiated but also the teachings of the faith. I told them we need to discern when is a good idea to talk about Jesus with a particular person and when it is not. There’s no point in speaking with them about Jesus when in advance you know it will not be received well and such person is stubborn in their beliefs. At times like these it would be better to remain silent and pray for them.

My son, especially the youngest quite readily talks to the kids about Jesus all the time. He’s so disturbed by the idea all the kids on the street told him they don’t go to Church on Sunday. He’s very much in the dark to the fact that Ireland is now a neo-pagan country that dabbles in just about every other spiritual thing and none but Christianity. He sees the whole world as he sees himself and so being on the street mixed in with others has awoken him to the realism not all think like him.

Ireland has returned to its pagan roots and so what is in the cat is in the kitten. If the father is not practicing religion neither will his kids be. If the father is loose with his tongue and bad language so will his kids. If the father is a bully and abusive in the home, it’s likely his children will be also. Therefore I’ve quite simply had to protect my children’s innocent minds from that kind of street culture because I myself lived it.

I grew up in one of the most disadvantaged areas in my country. I had seen my first porn movie when I was only 10 years old under the influence of street culture. I had engaged in bizarre sexual activity as a very young child while roaming the streets. I grew up around and used drugs as a teenager. I’ve been both the bully and bullied throwing some punches and taking some hits myself.

I have great experience of the different social classes and how the minds of all the rich and poor function. I’ve seen poor people be cruel to the rich and the rich likewise to the poor both inside and outside the Catholic Church. What I’m doing here is reading off the resume of life experience but I find it necessary to give my readers a small insight into my once very secular upbringing and character so they can understand why I go to the great lengths I do to protect my kids.

They say it takes one to know one and I know that going out to these secular cool kids and talking about Jesus is like a prisoner going into a tough prison and immediately making himself a target. Any sign of weakness you show in the world will be taken advantage of and sadly, believing in Jesus and being compassionate is a sign of weakness in a group of young men like that you will be shown no mercy. My children were quite surprised at my unchristian anger and severity of language towards the kids father when he came to complain to me about me admonishing his kid for being bad. “You were like a monster”.

They don’t understand that if I don’t meet this man with the same or even greater fire he meets me, I will be taken advantage of. I quite simply have to be bigger than the bear to survive in a nasty neighbourhood and it’s my duty to protect my kids and family with any legitimate force necessary to do so. You see, in my neighbourhood, every time you got into a fight, you fought. And if you lost and he’d come at you another day you’d fight again. Even if you lost that fight eventually you’d win because the bully would become exhausted with you as you’d fight and hit him back every time. At some point he’d get fed up and move onto somebody else.

I remember when I was in high school there was a guy so unusually tall for his age that he was quite literally a giant. He even had to have special shoes made for him. He tried it with me and I fought back. I lost the fight but the next day I purposefully sought him out and out of the blue started punching him for no reason. I lost the fight again but after repeatedly coming after him he eventually left me alone.

They say we need to allow our kids to feel the knocks of life and give them some life experience. You can absolutely do this but without throwing them under the bus and flattening their soul and character which is essentially what you’re doing when you send them out to become friends with the world on the street.

We often romanticize our childhood, and desire our children relive the lives we’ve lived to a certain degree because it’s built in us to think that’s what leads to a normal and healthy upbringing. But when you become a Christian all that was once normal is now abnormal, and all that you are must be looked upon as abnormal by those who consider themselves normal.

Jesus sat with sinners to show us an example on how we should behave with others in the world but he did not hang around them for too long or develop long lasting friendships with them. The scriptures from St.Paul in the new and the old testament call on us not to mingle with anyone who is of the world for fear we should become like them. When it comes to Jesus sitting with sinners, we often forget about who we are in the story.

We have to have the humility to admit our weakness and that we are very impressionable and easily persuaded at all ages in life. I’ve seen journalists go into communities once atheist and then persuaded to become Christian. I’ve also seen Christian journalists become atheists from mingling with atheists. It’s what we are. . . we are weak and so we must be in tune with that when going out to mingle with the world. When you send your son onto a street to mix with children whose parents have different values, systems of beliefs that are not your own, you’re basically playing Russian Roulette with their souls. Don’t do that.

To resolve the problem we’ve decided a move is best and so we are currently perusing the countryside for a house far away from the general public. In my opinion no matter where you live in the world you’re going to have problems. At the same time I do have to admit there are places more suitable and with less problems than others. Let’s be honest that living in a house in the quiet countryside far exceeds that of living door to door with drug lords, right? It’s going to be far more expensive than it is costing us now where we are, but can you really put a price on peace of mind? I don’t.

2 thoughts on “Raising Children In The New Sodom And Gomorrah

  1. I agree with everything you’ve written here. Our youngest daughter was always very vocal about her faith and really suffered becuase of it. It’s very difficult as a parent when you see that happening. I hope your house move makes a huge difference to your child’s ability to be themselves, and live a normal, happy life. Making that decision was a huge act of love.
    Our culture is no longer Christian. It is very different from how it was when we were growing up. It’s so much tougher for Christian kids today than it was for us.

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    1. Hi DLH and thank you for the comment. You’re right, society has drastically changed since the 1960s when the neo-Marxist culture really began to take root and progressively get worse every decade that followed. What we do know is that God is doing it for a reason, but we still fear for our children and do not want them becoming collateral damage in this dirty unseen warfare between Heaven and Hell.

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