Have You Ever Noticed God Never Heals An Amputee?

The Lord has healed many people of many different ailments over the centuries. From those who are paralyzed, blind and the deaf to others with cancer and tumors. Even my own brother got healed in Lourdes back in the 70s of being a coeliac. The doctors were amazed that this child who had been bound to a wheelchair and who was so skinny was now eating whatever he wanted. It was one of those miracles that were not recorded as my mother didn’t want to draw attention to herself and my brother.

Whenever you have a discussion with an atheist he quickly goes into his book of apologetics and pulls out the amputee card. “Hey, how come God has never healed an amputee. Ha! See? It’s because he doesn’t exist.” I really think if we took the route that God doesn’t exist because he decided not to heal an amputee we would inevitably have to deny all those other supernatural healings as well.

Nevertheless it is a good question and so we need to ask ourselves why God does something first. For example, why did Jesus heal the blind man in the Gospel? He didn’t do it for the “Craic” as we say in Ireland which ultimately means He didn’t do it for sake of it. Jesus didn’t perform this miracle for the enjoyment he gets out of seeing a blind man run around in excitement over being healed. As many Christians are already aware, Jesus did this with the higher purpose of emphasizing the need to be healed of ones spiritual blindness.

He healed deaf people and those who couldn’t speak for the same reason, that hearing the truth and understanding it as well as being able to speak it is more important. We often hear Jesus in the Gospel asking people to listen up for those who have “ears to hear”. Not only does he mean our spiritual ears but he is also referring to spiritual maturity which Jesus wants all of his followers to seek out more than being healed of something. For example in the Gospel of Mark:4:26-29 we read:

“And he said, So is the kingdom of God, as if a man should cast seed into the ground; And should sleep, and rise night and day, and the seed should spring and grow up, he knoweth not how. For the earth bringeth forth fruit of herself; first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear. But when the fruit is brought forth, immediately he putteth in the sickle, because the harvest is come.”

Here it is possible to understand that the “ear” is spiritual maturity and the “corn” virtues, wisdom etc and all of the fruits that come with it. The not knowing how it spreads is because of the limited knowledge man has and the invisible Grace he does not see making it grow. When a person has reached this level of maturity in his faith he is ripe for harvesting for the Lord desires this.

Please do not confuse spiritual maturity with intellectual maturity and knowledge for we do not indulge in the heresy of Gnosticism. Gnosticism is the practice that one needs to gain all this spiritual maturity of knowledge and grow wise in the intellect in order to be saved. This is not true, but if you want to be heaven bound and pass over the burning flames of purgatory it certainly helps to have the maturity Jesus speaks of in the Gospel.

When I think of an amputee I think of why doesn’t God heal a person of a headache? I made that prayer before and someone handed me Panadol. I was like, “Yeah, but what about my headache and my miraculous healing?”. The healing was the Panadol and God sent someone to give it to me. In my blindness I had missed God acting in my life.

Or what about the guy lost in the wilderness praying to God for directions and someone comes along and shows him the way? “I know but I’m praying to God, He will show me the way”. God was showing him the way but in his spiritual deafness and blindness he wasn’t capable of seeing nor hearing God that day.

It’s the same with the amputee. The Lord acted through the worlds best scientists to bring about the best prosthetic arms and legs. Could we argue that growing a pair of hands and feet to heal a not very life threatening illness is similar to complaining about God not healing our headache when there’s something there for it already?

But then he healed a deaf man and blind person. I mean, surely these are not life threatening illnesses? They may inhibit the enjoyment of life to the full but then there are those amputees, blind and deaf who love God and couldn’t care less about being healed. Their illness does not restrict them from enjoying life in any way. Why, then, did God heal these not life threatening illnesses? As we mentioned before it wasn’t for fun. Perhaps it is to prove to others he exists and to increase their faith? I would say you could argue such. Was it to give a lesson on spiritual blindness and deafness? Absolutely.

But why not heal an amputee and argue it was done to teach the world to walk spiritually with Christ? I think that the healing of an amputee would be quite spectacular. In fact, the Lord would think it to be amazing also and perhaps even too spectacular.

In my opinion (and I don’t speak for God), God doesn’t perform such amazing miracles because he likes to give people enough light to see him, and yet at the same time, enough darkness to keep them wondering. It’s like if God were suddenly to show himself to the world, they’d all believe and there’d be no more doubt, but at the same time he’d be violating our Free Will by performing an act that would force us to believe. I can’t imagine anyone forcing me to love them and it not being seen as inappropriate.

God wants us to believe in him out of an act of our own Free will, so he performs these miracles whereby we could still in our blindness refuse to believe. Take for example the Pharisees who confronted the blind man. Back then they’d not much going for them as far as science was concerned to prove if you were blind or not. They were not that advanced. The Pharisees didn’t believe the blind man, accusing him of always being able to see. He’s just tricking us was basically the answer given. Even though they knew him well they wouldn’t believe.

But had the man been known to them as an amputee and he came back with a fully formed leg would they have been be so quick to doubt? I don’t think so. Therefore, it is my belief that God has his reasons for doing something. He gave the Pharisees a little light that they might believe, but not too much lest they actually believe because they were forced to do so via a miracle that would top them all.

I could turn around and say the same thing about my brothers healing in Lourdes. I could say, “Well, it’s luck. I mean what are the odds?” I could deny the supernatural force behind the healing and choose a more scientific explanation that has to do with the psychology of wanting to be healed.

I could say, “Hm, he wanted to be healed so much that the power of his mind influenced his body and this expectation of being healed alone was what healed him.” Sounds good to the ear right? But this is precisely the confusion that takes place among us and it’s all planned by the Lord. We have God giving us just enough light to see him and yet allowing us to retain much of the darkness of our own intellect and will to say “No, I don’t believe.”

I ultimately believe that Gods actions in the world are very much a mystery. It’s in our nature to seek answers and to know absolutely everything there is to know about everything. But when it comes to knowing God, we will never get there. While we may know a little about God, we cannot know everything. It’s this mystery of God that the people of faith and those of no persuasion at all will ultimately have to accept.

It’s like my friend who doesn’t want fresh cream with her cheesecake. I have to throw in the towel and accept that she doesn’t want fresh cream with cheesecake. Neither does God want us to know Him fully and would rather remain a mystery. I’m willing to wave the white flag and admit I won’t win that war on fully knowing who God is.

Like my atheist friends, I’ve a mind that calls a spade a spade, and I know that nobody can ever come to full knowledge of the Lord who exists outside of space and time. One thing I’m not willing to do is not believe in him simply because my demands for a certain type of healing have not been met. To do so, would mean I’d have to go ahead and deny all the others. I have little faith, but the little I have I use to believe in Jesus and all his supernatural healings.

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