Don’t Hold High Expectations Of Other People And You Won’t Be Disappointed

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Are you disappointed about how another person you know treats you? Are you angry, anxious or crying right now because someone behaved badly towards you? Then you need to read this.

The reason we are disappointed about another persons actions is because we make high expectations of them. If we got rid of the stupid idea that humans can be trusted we might not eliminate the disappointment, but will gain at least the understanding of why it takes place. Doing this helps minimize the impact of our reaction to how others treat us.

The reason why you’re so disgusted and hurt at your husband cheating on you, is because you painted him in the best light possible when you first met. Even throughout the years you developed and became the sole narrator for your husbands life and essentially created a fictional character.

It was this fictional character you fell in love with and continued to have a relationship with, but not your Husband. When this person borne of fantasy actually contradicted the script you created, you became emotionally irate. Suddenly, rather abruptly, the fantasy was over and reality crept in giving you a rude awakening.

Now you’re depressed, angry and anxious about it all. Every expectation and illusory painting of your husband you adorned the walls of your very soul with have now been shattered. And you know the hardest part? You’re not likely to own up to the fact that you’re responsible for all your emotions not your husband. I know, yes, I know it’s hard to accept that. But what I have learned is that when it comes to human beings, always expect the worst.

If in the beginning, you saw him for what he actually is, a frail sinful human being who you should never hold high hopes for perhaps you’d never react so angrily. When people behave horrible towards you and you react, you give them license to have control of your emotional state of being. When you’re brought up in a society that teaches you how to behave when someone cheats on you, is it any wonder you get upset? It’s not our fault we’ve been born into a world that has dealt us a bad hand.

Here we are on a planet of see monkey do and where the ultimate dictatorship is groupthink. We are raised in an environment where we are immediately taught the cultural norms of the day. How to speak, wash, dress and behave. Sticking your thumb up means great job in one country and up yours in another. It will get a positive reaction from members of one country and illicit quite the negative in another. Why? Because we’ve been given a set of instructions on how to react when faced with certain challenges and behavior.

We’ve been taught to have high expectations of people and taught to trust other people. When these expectations are not met, we open up the instructions in our brain and read the bit where it says, “Now it’s time to get angry and if you don’t, you’re not normal, time to self destruct.” It is not easy switching this off in the brain, anymore than it is to kick the habit of smoking. Our way of behaving and moving along with the culture is habitual and we’ve become institutionalized and don’t want to leave.

I’ve got a budgie behind me as I type this perched in her cage. I’ll go over now and open up the latch to let our out, but she won’t come out. You know why? She likes her cage that’s why. She has become so accustomed to the cage she’s unlikely to ever leave. If I really want her to leave, I’ll have to do it against her will and grab her and throw her out. Maybe that’s what we all need, a good push into the sour soup of happiness?

She’s afraid to leave the cage because it’s all she’s ever known. That’s why we are afraid to explore these topics preferring instead to live amidst the familiar. People aren’t afraid of the unknown, they’re afraid of losing everything they already know. Present them with new ideas about themselves and who knows how they’ll behave. That’s why I’m nervous even now writing this post. I’m not so sure how you’ll react. Look what happened St.Paul when he presented the Gospel to the pleasure loving pagans, he got an awful beating. I’m not so sure I have the same courage as him.

I’ll reach inside the cage now and try to coax the Budgie out, but like happened on all previous occasions she’ll bite me. That’s what happens when you stick your nose into other peoples affairs and attempt to hand them something nice. “Go away”, “Leave me be” and “Mind your own business, I like my life how it is.” Ha! I’ve been there with humans and it isn’t pretty at all. We love our cages don’t we? Eventually it comes to the point where you end up minding your own business and let them enjoy the cage they’re sitting in. The door is always open. . . as the old saying goes.

People hate being presented with the new. Just take a look at your nearest crucifix on the wall or in your local Church to see what happens when you introduce people to something new. You’re crucified, that’s what, and not just by the ordinary folk but by religious people themselves, you know, the ones who are “expected” to know better. Why be surprised that religious people would do that? They can be just as stupid as the rest of us.

Don’t assume, don’t have high expectations of people and take responsibility for your own emotions. Now there’s an honest bit of advice you won’t read in any of your new age mindfulness books. The modern teachers that tell you to blame everyone else for how you feel, that you’re justified in the anger you feel. mmmm, channel that anger, feel it and become one with your healing Chrystal. Load of rubbish.

Yes, It’s interesting how the Devil creates so many traps for us. The world is his spider web and very few escape getting tangled up in it. The door that leads to Heaven as Jesus tells us is “Narrow” and very few there are that find it. Heaven is now, life is now, but we are too blind and stupid to take notice. We are always fumbling around in the dark cave of our sinful intellect clutching at what we think is good and wholesome. As soon as someone hands us a little Candle we immediately blow it out showing preference for the cave.

Ultimately, by our own power we cannot reverse what we’ve been taught. The new age gurus looking to drain your bank accounts on their new woke book will tell you that you can, but you cannot. Only the power of the Grace of God found through prayer and the reception of the Sacraments can help. Only the Grace of God can actually make your conversion be one that jumps from the wisdom you’ve only ever read about to a wisdom of the soul that you actually possess.

I’ve opened the door for you, are you interested in leaving that cage? Don’t bite me in the comments please, I’m only trying to help. šŸ˜‰

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