I’m Tired Of Hollywood Jesus, Shampoo Jesus And Mexican Jesus

Ever since the movie Jesus of Nazareth that starred Robert Powell, the casting for any type of Jesus movie has been really poor. The acting may have improved along with everything else but the imagery of the Christ Himself has been seriously lacking in creativity.

With the birth of the digital age, social media and the expansion of YouTube every Tom Dick and Harry is a movie maker. I’ve just found it very difficult to connect with every single character that plays Jesus. either he is portrayed as too chiseled and full of muscle in the passion of Christ, or unattractive to the extreme and even of Mexican origin as was the case in the movie “Risen”.

Then in Son of God he’s given the shampoo and pearly white straight teeth treatment common in American Cinema and Hollywood culture. I don’t know why but whenever Americans get behind the wheel of any casting, they immediately go for the American look even if the Jesus casted is not American, they’d still go for the clean cut large Jaw image. If they don’t they completely go to the other extreme and get themselves a Mexican looking guy.

I honestly don’t think anyone will ever be able to exceed the casting of Robert Powell in Jesus of Nazareth. He was perfect for the job. Yes, the acting is a little more on the theatrical side of things and it’s dated, but imagine the modern approach with someone like Powell in it?

Robert just had that face didn’t he? It was almost perfect and the blue eyes gave it that mystical touch. Another thing that bothers me is that with the birth of DIY movie making and promotion is the endless movies coming out about Jesus.

Do these people think they’re converting others with these movies? I don’t know about you, but the only audience they mostly get are Christians. I could never imagine 23 year old secular me saying to myself, “Ah, can’t wait to see what Jesus movie comes out next”. The truth is, that unless you’ve a developed interest in these you’re less likely to watch them.

I think it’s time to give Jesus movies a break, not only because the casting is atrocious and the quality of filming poor in some instances, but because they’re of no use to anyone. The only people they serve are those making profit from them and it’s a sort of puppet show for existing Christians.

We need more clever Christian movies with a creative foundation that really appeal to a secular audience. There is a market out there for Christian themed films without having to put the Gospel at the front of every idea for a Christian movie. Unfortunately I mostly see people making movies to satisfy themselves and possibly have their ego stroked by the Christian congregation hungry for this sort of thing. But I see very little people working really hard to convert others through the use of religious media.

I don’t know, but, I think it’s a conservative thing. Conservatives are so bad at the arts world and creativity that whenever they’re behind the wheel of a creative project in the Church it’s always doomed to go south. I think this is why the Catholic Church in Ireland suffers so much as well is that Christianity tends to attract conservatives. Once they get in, they’re great at organizing and administration work but hand them a creative project and they make an absolute corny pigs dinner of it.

In my opinion the Church and Christians in general, because of the large conservative mindset, give the world every reason to dislike them, especially the secular arts world. Something needs to change, and I guess that will only happen with time. For now, apart from Bishop Barrons wonderful channel, Christian media is banned in my house because it depresses me so much.

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