Confession Is Now Illegal In Ireland

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Last week a bill was passed that now makes it illegal to have ones confession heard Oran Doyle, Law Professor at Trinity college explained on RTE news (Irelands national broadcaster).

He said whether or not you’re socially distancing, indoors or outdoors the law still applies in all instances. The law itself is in the context of a law that restricts the attendance of religious services/events.

Up until now the government have been ambiguous as to whether or not attending religious services was made a law or simply advice. However it now remains clear that one is legally restricted from attending religious events.

Although the law is not being enforced, the idea of it being written into law is sending alarm bells among many clergy and laity alike.

It is quite common for governments the world over to use certain tragedies to usher in other agendas. We have heard a lot about the great reset and de-population theories being promoted by Bill Gates through the use of vaccines.

They were once written off as mere conspiracies, but when read on paper are now being taken serious by people of all political and religious persuasions and none at all.

In 2013, Ireland used the death of Savita to quickly usher in abortion. Only 5 years after the first relaxing of the abortion law, Ireland has now permitted abortion and opened the door to it fully.

This is an example of how people use certain tragedies to introduce agendas that seemingly serve themselves financially or the pleasure they get from giving religion a kick in the teeth along the way.

The Vatican have recently announced it’s had to tap into its reserves giving many of it’s staff a 10% reduction in pay. This comes after a serious decline in revenue due to ongoing lockdowns that restrict tourism something the Vatican is heavily reliant on for funds.

The same can be said for many of the Churches the world over especially Ireland who, along with Slovenia is the last remaining country to have put a ban on religious gatherings.

With the Churches closed and unable to receive the funds from it’s parishioners, it could spell disaster for them. Many are already up their eyeballs in debt as it is, and these lockdowns are like salt in an already open wound.

The government and the freemasons and secret societies who sit in their ivory towers steering the ship at the helm are well aware of this. While their heart is always set upon the material world and profit, nothing gives them more pleasure than being able to give the Catholic Church a kick along the way.

Their hearts are set on the destruction of the one Holy Catholic Church but when it comes to the Lord, they are always fighting a losing battle. If they’re willing to wear masks in their cars or create stupid Covid laws, why be surprised they cannot look beyond their own wisdom to see where exactly this punishment in coming from?

Although the Pandemic has hit the entire world, the Lords timing is perfect for every situation. In the same year it legalized abortion, Ireland also decriminalized the act of opening up ones pub on Good Friday, the day of Our Lords Crucifixion.

They dared to mock this Holy day and now, only 2 years later, their pubs have not been open since March 2020 with the exception of take away pints in summer seasons. Many pubs were forced to close down.

These self styled atheist philosophers are unable to look beyond their own wisdom to see what is taking place. Like the Pharaoh who refused to allow the Hebrews go, their incredulity and stubbornness blinds them. They’re unable to make these connections.

And instead of repenting what do they do? They create laws to ban religious worship and the Sacrament of Confession. They openly flout the laws of God and mock it by permitting you to meet with the priest for a chat but not for the Sacrament of confession.

Unless they repent, these people will receive what they deserve and will go to the place God has allotted them. We must pray for them because they’re so stubborn that only a miracle will be of any use to them now, and even then we wonder if that would help such is the blindness.

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