Palm Sunday: We Have All Welcomed Jesus And Then Discarded Of Him

Whether it be from humans to animals to inanimate objects or God Himself, we tend to cherish it all for a while and then discard of it shortly after. At first we receive things we great joy only to have a change of heart as soon as something better comes along.

How easy it is to get bored and fed up with some people. In recent days I saw an elderly man make his way to the shops on a Zimmer frame. I thought to myself, where is his family? Where are his friends? I bet he lived a life of great service to the country.

I thought of all the people he made laugh as a young man with his jokes or the woman he romanced and later married. Now, widowed and on a pension he no longer serves a purpose. In fact, he’s become more of a hindrance to society than a help. They’ve all turned their backs on him as he lays alone in his bed at night comforted only by the warm mental blanket of a good memory spent with his wife.

Today is Palm Sunday in the Eastern Orthodox and Catholic Churches. Today, Jesus comes into Jerusalem triumphantly on a simple Donkey to the cheers of a crowd singing HOSANNA!. The ground quaked with the vibrations of vocal praises as they gathered in their hundreds to welcome the King of Kings.

Then, a little while later, the very crowd who loved Him and whom He loved would betray Him by turning against him. Now His cheerers became His jeerers. Why? I don’t know. May He failed to live up to their expectations of him and by that I mean they were awaiting this Messiah who would outdo David’s one in a million slingshot, defeating the Goliath army of the Romans?

Or Maybe the reason was that their simple minds were ruled by their emotions over logic? The collective consensus and group think that Jesus should die was something they bought into. They cared more about what people thought of them and their short lived reputation should they disobey the majority opinion, than they cared about Jesus.

Whatever the case may be we’ve all been in Jesus position. At first we were welcomed by people into their tribe only later to be stabbed in the back and discarded of like trash. And there are times when we did the exact same thing to others. We all play the victim, but rarely do we ever admit to our part in being the bully.

Jesus of course knew exactly what was in them all. Being God He could see right through those cheers and smiles knowing in depth the value of each heart that sang His praises. Even with this in mind, He still allowed them to crucify Him anyway knowing that such had to be accomplished. We, on the other hand are not blessed with such abilities to read others hearts and deal with rejection so gracefully.

Today rarely anything has changed much in our attitude towards God. Like our ancestors before us, we welcome Him into the gates of Jerusalem singing his praises. We adorn our houses with icons and pray fervently at all hours in the morning. Such is our enthusiasm it disturbs the local priest who no longer shares such fiery interest in all things religious.

Then, as time progresses, the arguments of the world like that of the Pharisees towards the Jews, persuade us to turn against Jesus. Like the dirty little sinful sponges we are, we allow ourselves to absorb the nastiness of secular culture around us making us heavy, immovable and lazy. The end result is we become like a pinch of salt that has lost its taste.

Before you know it, our friends mock the Church to our faces and we look the other way. They take Jesus and crucify him all over again with their comedy sketches on Television. Instead of going against the grain we laugh along with our friends for fear they may turn on us. The pressure of a bad a reputation in such a short lived sinful world becomes our master and the pinnacle of our miserable existence.

Us humans are nothing but filth. We use and abuse everything for our pleasure, praising it all and turning against it at will. Nothing escapes our abuse. Whether it be animals, cars, furniture human beings or God himself, all of our actions point towards how we are nothing but dirt. In fact, perhaps we shouldn’t use such analogies as even the dirt has more love and loyalty toward God than we do.

In the end, we must reflect about our passionate interest and loss of it. We begin the race well most of us, but then we soon lose such enthusiasm. We must ask the Lord to grant us the Grace to discern how such a loss of interest had surfaced within us. No one root is the same and everyone has a different reason for becoming less salty. Whether or not we know where it comes from we must ask God to uproot it for us.

A garden full of unsightly weeds ruining whatever good flowers remain in the garden is what the devil, demons and sin is to our souls. It creeps in and through time gnaws away at all the goodness until there’s nothing left.

All we are left with is the option to turn on the God we once praised. Jesus did not meet their expectations and demands for a worldly king to kill the romans so He got crucified. We do the same when he doesn’t meet our expectations and demands to cure us of cancer.

They sang His praises but they didn’t love Jesus. We don’t love Him either and are only interested in having him cure us or become our personal genie in a bottle. Unless he grants all our wishes, who cares right? It’s always about me and not about Jesus. Where is the Love? Is it even there in me now? As a small votive candle emits little light in the chapel, that is what my love for the Lord looks like.

Lets reflect on how many times we’ve welcomed and rejected Jesus and ask for the Grace to discern how to really love Him. We sing HOSANNA IN THE HIGHEST, but. . . do we really mean it? Are our hearts and actions saying something different than our lips? Do we have one foot in the world and one in the Church? How do we commit fully to Christ without listening to the deceitful whispers of the world who have fallen for the charms of demons?

Let us pray, Lord let my praises of you always be sincere. May my heart always be in sync with my lips and fully committed to your service. Place your Divine hands over my worldly ears and drown out the noise of the evil one. Instead, open my spiritual ears to the wisdom of your sweet heavenly whispers. Amen!

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