I’m A Good Decent Person So Why Do I Need Religion Or Jesus?

You’re not a good or decent person. You’re evil. Let’s just get that straight. You can give as much to charity as you want, jump on as many grenades as you like to save a few friends, but it will never change the fact that you’ll always be evil. For as long as you’re a sinner, you’ll always be evil. St. Bernadette was asked by her local priest what a sinner was. She answered, “A person who loves evil”. It’s really that simple. Jesus in the scriptures says nobody is good but God alone.

That’s very difficult to listen to if you’ve never actually encountered it before. I remember when I first read the True Life In God messages at the age of 23. Jesus was calling Vassula mere dust and ashes, and Vassula was speaking to Jesus basically acknowledging herself as evil and the worst of all sinners. in the beginning it was hard for me to accept that this was God speaking. It made me uncomfortable to listen to.

Why? Because I was full of pride but also because I was conditioned by society to love the self above all else. The society around me viewed this type of language as an insult and dagger to the soul. You’re supposed to get upset when someone speaks to you this way. If you hear someone talking about themselves in such negative measures you put your arm around them and suggest counselling and maybe some Prozac.

You’re a slave to the system around you and when someone insults you, you’re supposed to get upset. That’s how the system works. If you put yourself down, you’re expected to visit the local counsellor and take a pill that’ll fix that. Instead we are more accustomed to hearing that we are beautiful and full of goodness. And yet, in a strange way, turning that on its head and being aware of the dirt in ones soul is uplifting. Doing so acquires graces from the Lord that gives us true joy not the counterfeit kind the world of vanity has on offer.

“I’m a good decent person.” Haha, yeah, ok, I’ll admit you’re a notch above Ted Bundy but you’re no saint so why beat your breast? “I don’t need to go to Mass, or belong to the Church in order to continue being a good person. You’re right people of all faiths and none practice acts of kindness on a regular basis. But that’s how narrow minded you are that you actually think Catholicism is merely there to teach you good behaviour.

I get this all the time from people and it’s painful to listen to, not because it’s intelligent and I don’t have an answer, it’s because it’s so incredibly stupid I pity anyone with a mind small enough to use it as an argument for not being part of the Catholic faith. We don’t go to Church to only learn good behaviour, we go to save our souls. The picture is much bigger than that. Just as a field has many species of flowers, so too the Church has more to it than learning how to be a good person.

I once had a guy say this to me in the car on the way home from the airport. “I’m a good decent person” as an argument for not going to Church. He later cheated on his wife and spat in her face. But ya know, he’s a good decent person. There’s no such thing as a good decent person. Some are better than others perhaps but all of us are evil because of our propensity to commit personal sin.

The sooner a man accepts his condition the more readily can he get on with being administered the cure. If we would only be willing to accept and meet head on the dirt within our souls, how easy it would be for the Holy Spirit to do the rest. You see, the Holy Spirit needs our permission to enter.

He’s not going to press himself on anyone against their will. And for as long as we continue to entertain sin and be chained by the pleasures of this world, we are saying no. We are not saying it with our lips but we say it through our actions and stubborn incredulity. The Holy Spirit is not likely to enter a soul that views himself as a good decent person, has an ego larger than the great wall of China or has loads of self love and esteems himself highly. It’s just not going to happen.

If you’re still reading this and think of yourself as a good person, you’re blind. Your heart, soul and mind has been so manipulated by the culture you were brought up in that it literally blinds you to the spiritual world. There’s no other way of putting it. God will wait for when you’re ready to let go of your material crown of comfort and exchange it for the spiritual one of discomfort.

Only when a man nails his entire self to the Cross, can he become a new creature fit for the Kingdom. If you want to live happy in your illusion of being a good decent person be my guest. I won’t force you to look at it any other way. As far as I’m concerned I’ve said my piece. I’m not in the business of interfering in other peoples fragile secular world. What happens when you wash a dirty car? You’re afraid to wash it because maybe after all these years the only thing holding it together is the dirt.

We are afraid to meet the dirt within our souls. We are afraid to wash them clean because we think the dirt of the world such as the ego and self love is the only thing holding it together. We can’t imagine life without the current way we think so we hurry to stomp on the flower of truth when it presents itself. We rush to brush under the carpet everything to do with the Church because standing in the light means change and change is scary.

Give me by beer, let me keep my bad cursing habits, let me be who the culture has moulded me to be. Give me my porn, cocaine or golf clubs and everything else can take a hike. I’ll do all these things just mentioned and balance it with a bit of charity to the homeless and convince myself I’m such a really great person who doesn’t need God, my soul saved or anything of the sort. I make my own morals and live in a world I create for myself. I’m miserable but I’ll never ever admit it.

That’s you in a nutshell Mr. Self-styled philosopher. And if that’s what you want then all I can say is enjoy the illusion while it lasts because one day you’re going to open you’re eyes and get a rude awakening. All of us get a rude awakening, I’m just grateful I got mine before my time. I’m sure St.Paul felt the same and somewhat sorrowful at the thought that many did not get the rude awakening he did.

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