My Son Caught His First Brown Trout

We began the afternoon fishing at the bottom of the river working our way upstream. We got all the way to the bridge which was our finish line and caught nothing.

It was such a defeat. We’ve heard St.Paul say that we should never let the sun go down on our anger. Well, as the sun began to vanish we were determined not to let it go down on our defeat.

At the bridge I turned to Joseph saying, “Why don’t you say a prayer? We really should pray before we fish.” “Right Dad, I’ll pray.” By the time he had finished praying we decided we had enough and headed for the car. Something in me wanted to go back to the little rocky area on our way there.

On our very first cast we caught a fish. I couldn’t believe it but that is the power of prayer. My son was over the moon and to witness such a proud moment is an unforgettable memory that will remain with us both forever.

Give your son a fish feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and feed him with a lifetime of great memories. Congratulations Joseph on your first fish at 8 years old in the month of May in 2021. Here’s hoping you catch bigger fish for the Lord when you come of age.

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