The Dangers Of Being A Political Christian

In this post I attempt to present to you the idea that people like Barabbas or at the very least his mindset has never disappeared. The reason for this is because the devil has nothing new, just old lies dressed in modern clothing.

Barabbas was an insurrectionist and a political figure. It’s safe to say that his understanding of Jesus coming was pretty much like everyone else’s which is to say a war would come when the Messiah will deliver the Jews from the romans by the sword and/or political dialogue.

The problem with these political movements is that at the onset they’re often attractive. It’s a bit like the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden. It looks like a really good idea and has the appearance of something tasty but in the end brings nothing but death.

The devil has never changed tactics in that he’s still presenting bad ideas and lies to people dressed up in something that has the appearance of holiness. It’s attractive dazzling light draws us in. The devil appears to the intellect as an angel of light, see? He comes in the form of a good idea or a political movement that has God and the nation at its core motivation for change.

Today, especially in America and my country of Ireland we have this political movement among Christians. Like Barabbas, they look at Jesus as something of a political figure out to fight injustice. They want to use politics in order to fight the evil of an anti-Irish and Anti-Christian government. Their reasoning is that by the sword or political language we can restore Ireland. We can convert the heathen and the nation through politics.

I’m not saying politics is something God abhors. If anything, politics is a way of life that we will never be reversing anytime soon and is a gift of the Lord. What I’m saying is that you’ve gone too far when you see it as the only solution to all the your countries woes or at the very least allow yourself to become consumed by it to the neglect of “the better part” that Mary chose.

There is a danger we can miss the true meaning of the Gospel message by forcing our weak and human interpretation upon the scriptures which is borne of a faux relationship with Christ and his Church. That’s what happened with Barabbas and his followers 2021 years ago and the same is happening to this day.

Their relationship with God had the appearance of authenticity but underneath the mask the devil was hard at work. Yes, politics is not something we should ignore, we need to keep our ears open, but don’t allow it to swallow you whole and blind you to the authentic Gospel message.

Don’t politicize the Gospel message or treat the Church like you do congress. Always remember that while God uses these to His advantage he is above them all. Who will we choose? Barabbas (the way of the world and political extremist) or Jesus? The decision is ours.

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