A Testimony To The Power Of Saint Benedicts Medal

This evening I took the boys fishing. We began at 8pm and decided, as usual, to walk up river for an hour. We agreed that once we reached the stone bridge we’d turn back and go home.

When we reached the bridge, the Sun began to sink beyond the Horizon. “Five minutes and we pack up and go home” I shouted from my fishing pitch. “O.K Dad” they responded. For the whole hour we had caught nothing. The sad part is that my eldest son Christian had never seen a fish being caught before so his sadness at yet another evening of catching nothing was plain for all the see. Even the fishing began to feel sorry for the poor fellow.

I was stood upon a rock in the river and decided to reel it in for the evening and meet with the two boys and head home. Before doing so I got down on my hands and knees, reached into my pocket and grabbed my rather enormous Saint Benedict medal. Reaching far down beyond this enormous rock I dipped it half way into the water.

I prayed, “Saint Benedict help us”. My son Joseph came from behind and seeing his Dad in such a strange pose dangling into the water troubled him. “What are you doing Dad?” I told him what I did with the medal and my little plan. We didn’t tell Christian though, we just didn’t think of doing so.

Then I thought to myself, “When Christian reels his in, I’ll cast mine one last time. I jumped off my rock, met up with him asking him to “move aside, for this will be my last and final cast for the night”. I casted it in and began to reel. Right away I hooked a fish. My son Christian was so excited he screamed, “Oh wow, I’ve never seen a fish before, this is amazing“.

Joseph was not so surprised this time round as he had already caught a big one the previous week. It was understandable his curiosity was not as piqued as his brothers but he still displayed great joy regardless. I guess his brothers excitement rubbed off on him a bit. That’s the thing about joy, it’s contagious and being in the presence of joyful people has its benefits.

When we think of the Saint Benedict medal, we often associate it with all sorts or miracles but I’m thinking this has to be a first use of it for catching fish. If you are a fisherman, I highly recommend getting down on your hands and knees and dipping it into the water before you cast your net or rod. Your knees will get dirty, but you’ll catch a fish.

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