Crucified To The World

I don’t really write poems having more of a history as a songwriter, but I wrote this one this morning. It looks more like a song than a poem. I want to share it with you.

Lord, be my guide and help me to change
Put new life in these ungodly hollow veins
Place upon my head the crown of thorns
Take all my nasty demons by the horns
At the sound of that mighty Church Bell
Cast them into the fiery pit of hell
Help me look upon the entire world as a loss
Take my sinful self and nail him to the cross
My soul quakes with sorrow as the hour grows near
But who can rise from the grave without shedding a tear
For many the easy path wide and spacious is preferred,
Few there are willing to be crucified to the world
Yes, all joy and happiness is counterfeit and absurd
Unless I be Crucified! Crucified! Crucified to the world!

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