How Television Influences Future Generations

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

I don’t know how long the animal rights vegan type have been around. It’s difficult not to notice how they appeared pretty much after Disney humanized the animal world.

The kids who grew up on Finding Nemo and Lassie come home have had a hard time looking at animals as food. I’m not talking about actual animal rights groups who do great work and ensuring no cruelty to animals.

The people I’m referring to are usually the ones going around supermarkets demanding that chickens be reunited with their mothers.

Then there are those who have watched too much Lion King, go and befriend one only to get mauled by it. Or in the case with the young man who lived with bears only to discover the unforgivable law of fallen nature and died at the claws of a Grizzly.

People underestimate the significant influence movies have on the psychology of an entire population from childhood and it’s important we don’t neglect it.

I’m not saying don’t watch the movies, only that being aware of the influence they’ve played upon the weak minds of others can help us understand the thoughts of a future generation and keep us right minded.

I always say that when it comes to the 20th and 21st century, if you want to know why it is the people believe what they do, just take a look at what movies and T.V they’ve been watching since childhood.

If you don’t believe movies have an influence on the already weak and compromised psyche of another person, ask my old neighbourhood friend. When he was six years old he thought he was Superman and jumped out the window breaking his arm.

Another childhood memory of mine was of a guy who thought he was Bruce Lee. He came out to fight everyone and got beaten up. Then there are those who watch the likes of serial killer programs or the great heist and want to emulate what they see and become famous.

For an example of this take a look of the modern day heist of a bank in London many years ago. They actually took the strategy from a movie they saw.

Apple T.V published a program celebrating the gay pride movement where they openly admit they used T.V to get the job done and influence public opinion.

Whenever the elite philosophers in their ivory towers want social change, 10 years before they have a national vote on it they groom the population using T.V. We are like frogs on the slow boil and are never any the wiser as to what is taking place, namely, the death of a future generation.

I think you get the gist, right? T.V isn’t a bad thing, but we need to be careful what we watch at all ages. Our minds are fickle and great care should be taken about what we let into our minds.

When Television first came out St.Padre Pio called it the devils box. While T.V has been used for good and he isn’t entirely right, he wasn’t wrong either was he?

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