New City, New Life, And A Fresh Perspective

Since doing my research on my ancestors I got to discover the city they’re all from which is Limerick. For anyone who has followed my genealogical story on social media will realize how I encountered many supernatural things along the way that would give a strong indication on the souls of my ancestors reaching out not only for prayer but to guide me on what I should do with my life.

While doing my research I also finished my Bus exams and I’m now a fully certified professional Bus Driver, but without a permanent Bus Job. After my recent Holiday to Limerick this morning I opened the laptop, cracked the old knuckles and decided I’d start looking for Bus Jobs.

There was only one place where they were “Urgently needed” and to my surprise that happened to be Limerick City. There was another position in a town near me but it was part time only which is not suitable at all. Suddenly, it was not hard to connect the dots.

For years I’ve wanted out of my diocese and town because I’m not liked here. I’m viewed as a religious right wing conspiracy nut by the general public so getting work has proven to be very difficult unless it was work with a Dublin based company that was not local to the area. Not only am I not liked by the general public, I am also viewed as strange and disliked by some of the local clergy.

This is why, when approached to do the diaconate, that when the vocations director discovered who I was and heard my conversion story, has not contacted me since. Call it paranoia but I’ve got some great instincts and even if I’m wrong every reason to be constantly looking over my shoulder where I’m from. I know that I need to get out of this town. I’m only using the following passage as an example and not referring to myself as a prophet but Jesus did say that a Prophet is without honor in his own town.

With this in mind, I need to move and gain a fresh perspective. My diocese is one of the most liberal in all of Ireland. I of all people know it’s a very hostile environment here and while I feel called to some sort of service in the Church I don’t feel like now is the time. There’s too much strife between the extreme left and right wing in the Church that I wouldn’t last two days before they’d fling me back into the gutter of the world again.

Right now, I’m content with praying, loving my family and going to Church every Sunday. I like having this little blog with about 5 followers from around the globe and thrashing out my very opiniated thoughts every now and again. I need a life, a career and to get my house in order. How can God be calling me and asking me to restore his house when my own is out of order?

Then again I’ve been asking myself all day, “Stephen, are you doing what Jonah did? Are you going to the city of Tarshish instead of Nineveh like God asked? You know that if you choose the wrong path, you’ll be swallowed by the whale of the world, materialism and your own desires only to be spat out in the direction you were supposed to go, right?

The truth is, all I can do is throw myself into the spiritual battle and risk being swallowed by the whale. It won’t be a nice experience but even if it is uncomfortable, I’ll know one way or another what direction I was supposed to go in the end.

Your prayers please.

One thought on “New City, New Life, And A Fresh Perspective

  1. Maybe God is calling you to serve outside of your church. It is not the well that need a physician but the sick. God want all of us to point the way to Jesus for the people we can reach. Let your light shine to all the world and don’t hide it under a basket. Will be praying for your success and protection as you step out in faith.


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